To learn and practice the skills associated with the development of an investment portfolio.



Portfolio Project

Fundamentals of Investing

 Purpose: To learn and practice the skills associated with the development of an investment portfolio. 

Scope: The student will develop a portfolio based upon their stated strategy and objectives. The portfolio investment period will be the 60 days prior to the end of the quarter**** and project for the length of the strategy. The student can assume a $10,000,000 maximum investment. 

Specifics: After approval the student will develop a portfolio and written analysis the following details:

Develop a specific set of objectives and an investment strategy to accomplish those goals. Goals and objectives should have a maximum timeline of 60 days though the strategy could be longer in scope (we need to evaluate how the portfolio is doing).

In your capacity as an investor, develop a portfolio to accomplish your stated objectives and have the following criteria:

Your portfolio may involve international positions if relevant – but the portfolio should be primarily a domestic one 

 No fund investments of any type 

Have a foreign currency position. 

Have a bond position 

Have an equity position 

Have a derivative position 

Have a commodities position

You need to detail your investment strategy, logic, and support it with data. 

 Track your portfolio for at least 60 days, to include our time in class, with actual data then project to your final date and estimate your success for your portfolio 

You should make an estimation of your portfolio’s performance.

Your portfolio will be graded upon you following your criteria, your supporting rationale, and projected results. All quantitative metrics used should be clearly stated in your portfolio paper and will also be part of your grade. Remember, your portfolio should be balanced, diverse, et al in accordance with your objectives. Therefore, you should have quantitative metrics to evaluate your investment selections as well as the overall performance. Certainly, it would be fair to expect your portfolio to have a beta, correlation coefficient, etc.

This paper will include the overviews, qualitative reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and details of the portfolio. Remember, the above criteria are minimums, but portfolio relevance is critical. 

A closing summary detailing all your results should be within the document as well.

**** Start from today or if you can start from February 1st 2021 to March 14 2021  

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