TOMS Shoes: a dedication to Social Responsibility

social sciences


Read the Case "TOMS Shoes: a dedication to Social Responsibility".

Then respond to the questions below and submit your paper.

  1. In what ways does TOMS exercise its commitment to corporate social responsibility?
  2. Who are TOMS's most important stakeholders, and why?
  3. How does TOMS's dedication to corporate social responsibility contribute to its competitive advantage?
  4. What issues do you foresee coming from TOMS' critics or what improvements/actions do you suggest can be made on TOMS' business model?

the case "TOMS Shoes: a dedication to Social Responsibility"

No outside research on these companies or industries should be conducted as part of these assignments.

Information taken from the case should be undertaken with enough interpretation & evaluation to develop a comprehensive analysis or synthesis.

Outstanding papers will include the following characteristics: exceptional coverage of case questions, clearly demonstrated logic and rationale, discussion supported by appropriate analytical exhibits, arguments utilized quantitative analysis to support conclusions, demonstrated understanding and appropriate application of business concepts, clearly delineated decision criteria, recommendations logically extrapolated from findings and remarkably well organized and written. 

Word limit: 1500 words (Times New Roman, 12-point font).

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