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This project allows you to demonstrate the following skills:

  • You can accurately identify the literary distinctions between two types of drama: tragedy and comedy.
  • You can discuss literary works by using appropriate literary terms to further a reader’s understanding of that literary work.
  • You can state and support a valid connection between the genre of a literary work and a larger theme.
  • You can select materials that accurately develop the task at hand.
  • You can present your ideas through formats of writing that are appropriate to the task at hand, including summary, paraphrase, explication, and/or analysis.
  • You can use clear and standard American English to communicate your ideas in writing.
  • You can document your use of primary material (the literature) and, if used, secondary material (research or other secondary material) in MLA style.
  • You can present a polished final project (relatively free of errors) that clearly responds to the purpose and audience of the project.
Overview of Project
Development of Project

The scenario for this project is that you are writing a proposal to a publisher for a book on literature that is targeting adult readers. As part of your proposal, you are including a sample chapter. This chapter will teach, demonstrate, and explain the difference between tragedy and comedy in drama.

In the chapter, you will include commentary on Antigone and The Importance of Being Earnest and how each work is an illustration of tragedy or comedy, respectively. Include in your chapter a discussion of each play's theme and how that theme relates to one of the following: the human condition (how the works depict something "human" and place a value on it, such as showing "love"), ethics (how the theme demonstrates ethical behavior and interaction between characters), or diversity and culture (actions that present characters in situations of diversity and/or cultural awareness and interactions). 

The chapter will include a close reading of each work and an explanation of how that work embodies the theme you have chosen.  Be sure to make connections between the works (for example, comparison and/or contrast) to show how one work’s approach to a theme or concept differs from another’s.

The chapter should be presented in a well-designed, clear format. At least two graphics should be included. 

In general, you should begin your chapter with an overview and then include definitions of tragedy, comedy, and any other relevant terms. Then, include your analysis of each play.

You should give the chapter an appropriate title.

This paper should be 8-10 pages (2,000-2,500 words) and follow MLA Format, including 1 inch margins, Times New Roman font, and double spaced. Images also need to be documented.

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