Transforming the Foundation for Execution of an Organization Ross’ “foundation for execution” refers to the set of business and IT capabilities that an enterprise chooses in order to enable its business and IT strategies.



Week 1: Architecture in the Enterprise Context




Transforming the Foundation for Execution of an Organization

Ross’ “foundation for execution” refers to the set of business and IT capabilities that an enterprise chooses in order to enable its business and IT strategies. These capabilities, also known as architectural building blocks, include both business capabilities and IT capabilities, including the ability to provide portal and mobility experiences. These capability choices must evolve to ensure ongoing alignment between the business and IT strategies. Enterprise Systems Architecture typically leverages the IT architectural building blocks that have been identified as part of the foundation for execution.

Enterprise Architecture Frameworks (EAFs) provide blueprints, or models, for use in evaluating different types of organizations. Each EAF is defined with a particular organization type and objective in mind. This week, you need to select an EAF that is appropriate for Adopt-a-Farm (AaF) and justify why it is appropriate. You will use the selected framework to define the current and future state of AaF this week and it will also form the basis of evaluation in future week assignments. Be sure to choose an EAF that is appropriate for AaF and that you will be able to use effectively to define views for each of the aspects defined by the EAF.

Looking ahead: In Week 8, you will be presenting your proposal to AaF leaders. The proposal must include a complete evaluation of AaF using the selected framework, your proposed changes to AaF business, and your proposed changes to AaF IT in order to achieve desired business objectives.

In this Assignment, write a 3- to 5-page paper that addresses the following:

·         Document the current state of business for Adopt-A-Farm (AAF) using a standard Enterprise Architecture Framework (EAF; e.g., Zachman, POLDAT, or TOGAF). Define each of the views associated with the chosen framework as it relates to AAF. Be sure to focus on IT alignment with business.

·         Explain why this framework meets the needs of AAF business architecture. The selected EAF will form the basis of evaluation in future assignments in this course.

·         Document the future business state of AAF assuming a cloud transformation.

·         Outline a high-level transition plan for the AAF website to move from the current state to the cloud-based future state.


By Day 7

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Submission and Grading Information

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Grading Criteria

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Week 1 Assignment Rubric


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Week 1 Assignment


Week in Review

In this first Week, you selected an enterprise-level architecture framework and analyzed the effects of migration to the cloud. In addition, you created a high-level plan for transformation, migration or transition. Next Week, you will contrast two important concepts: architectural approaches and computing paradigms and create a pattern hierarchy for a pattern catalog.

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