Transport Services protocol



You are a Network Engineer for an IT consulting company. Your current client is a software developer. Recently they created a software which is capable of file transfers, voice chat, and videoconferencing. Your manager has tasked you with creating an Internet Transport Services proposal plan for the client's new software.

Write a 1- to 2-page Internet Transport Services proposal using Microsoft® Word, include the following:

  • Identify at least four candidate transport protocols. Compare and contrast them in a table.
  • Propose which transport protocol(s) to be used for data, voice, and video transport respectively and the rationale.
  • Identify an existing similar software in the market place and research on the transport protocols used in that software.
  • Reasons for the difference(s) from your choice (where applicable).
  • Potential problems in terms of outdated technologies, Quality of Service (QoS), performance, and other areas identified in your assessment
  • Solutions proposed

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Wan Assessement.pptx

Separate from above:

Building on the WAN analysis you conducted in Week Two for Generic Manufacturing Company, your team will identify potential problems and propose possible solutions.

Create a 1-page Troubleshooting FAQ document using Microsoft® Word that will be presented to the executive committee and CIO who are not very technical. Include the following:

Attached is  WAN analysis

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