Using the Evidence Analysis Worksheet - identity, extract and organize all evidence; use the evidence to conduct analysis



Instructions: Using the Evidence Analysis Worksheet - identify, extract and organize all evidence; use the evidence to conduct analysis; and construct a Report to detail your findings.  

Important Note: Address both Key Analytic Questions (KAQ) and both Analytic Assumptions. Utilize the inference chain process. Your report should be in narrative form; expand on your reasoning and be as complete as possible. You must address all elements of the report. Attach the Evidence Organization Worksheet at the end of your report. Omit ALL instructions and the evidence from your submission.

Report Format

Problem Statement: 

Analytic Assumption-1: “Mr. Garza’s Testimony is True”

KAQ-1: What is the cause of Mr. Garza’s injury?

List of Key Evidence 

Preliminary Judgment 

KAQ-2: What motivated “Mr. Garza to file a police report?”

List of Key Evidence 

Preliminary Judgment 

Analytic Assumption-2: “Mr. Garza’s Testimony is False”

KAQ-1: What is the cause of Mr. Garza’s injury?

List of Key Evidence 

Preliminary Judgment 

KAQ-2: What motivated Mr. Garza to file a police report?

List of Key Evidence 

Preliminary Judgment 

Working Hypothesis:

Analytic Products: Evidence Organization Worksheet 


26 March 2003, 07:35 AM - Incident Report. Patrolman, I. Gotcha responds to 9-11 call from 426 Indiana St Trailer Park.  Upon arrival, through an open front door, Patrolman, I. Gotcha observed a person later identified as M. Garza lying prone on the floor of the residence. Upon entry, the Patrolman found the man to be unresponsive with a large round welt on his forehead. Patrolman Gotcha called for an ambulance and accompanied the man to the Park Forest Hospital where he was treated and released. 

26 March 2003 7:57 AM – Hospital Emergency Room Admission’s Nurse log entry: W/M seen at Park Forest Hospital ER with a closed head wound consistent with blunt force trauma. Source unknown. Patient identified as Maestro Garza had no insurance and reported his address as 426 Indiana St Trailer Park.

26 March 2003, 12:30 PM Incident Report: CPL Sharts follow-up of a 9-11 call from Mr. Calvin Plant, Manager of Indiana Street Trailer Park. Mr. Plant called 9-11 claiming a trailer at 426 Indiana had been struck by a meteor. CPL Sharts retrieved two rock fragments that were found on a couch in the residence at 426 Indiana. The rocks were retrieved and bagged as evidence. CPL Sharts was shown a hole in the roof that appears to roughly coincide to the area below where the rocks were found. He noted only one hole and that it appeared considerably smaller than the larger of the two rocks. CPL Sharts was able to access the roof with a ladder that was lying on the ground at the back of the trailer. The ladder was stenciled with the inscription, Property of ISTP. It was CPL Sharts opinion that the hole looked to have been made with a hammer.  Upon subsequent inspection, a hammer was in fact located inside the residence, behind the couch and near where the rocks were found. On the handle of the hammer was the inscription, Property of ISTP. CPL Sharts also spoke to Patrolman, I. Gotcha, who said he wasn’t completely certain that Mr. Garza was actually unconscious when he arrived. He based this on a comment made by the ambulance crew who transported Garza to the hospital. The ambulance attendant asked, “…does this guy really need transport…he’s awake ya know and his injuries look pretty superficial…he’s tying up a valuable asset and I doubt he has insurance, which means the company is loosing out both ways…”

26 March 2003, 13:30 PM - Interview of Mr. Calvin Plant, Manager of Indiana Street Trailer Park. Mr. Plant admitted to being the person who made the 9-11 call. He claimed to have come upon the victim (M. Garza) when he visited the residence to collect the rent. He claimed that Garza was in arrears for at least two months rent. Plant said he knocked on the door, which was closed but didn’t enter the premises. He could see Garza through the door window on the couch bleeding. He said he thought maybe he (Garza) was injured. He said he remembers hearing a loud noise as he was walking over to Garza’s trailer, and that it must have been when the meteor hit the building. Asked if he had mentioned anything about a meteor to the 9-11 operator, Mr. Plant hesitated and answered, “No, I don’t think so…I mean, how would I know about a meteor; the patrolman found it, am I right?” When asked about the hammer and ladder, Mr. Plant admitted they were the property of the Trailer Park and that Garza borrowed them earlier in the day to do some work on the gutters. When asked if he wanted to file an official police report, Mr. Garza replied, “Yeah, of course, it ain’t every day ya get whacked by a piece of a comet.”

26 March 2003, 15:30 PM - Interview of Mr. Maestro Garza, 426 Indiana Street Trailer Park. “I was laying on the couch about to take a nap and WHAM, I got hit like a ton of bricks. Next thing I know, I wake up here in the hospital. I don’t even know what hit me.” When asked if he knew anything about meteors he said, I’ve read on ‘em, but I ain’t no astrologer or nuttin’ like that.” When asked if he owned a hammer or ladder, he said, “Yeah, sure, I mean, I’ve used them in the past, but not lately…I don’t have my own tools; I use Cal’s stuff; he owns a hammer and ladder, yeah, they belong to Cal.” When asked who Cal was, Mr. Garza said he was referring to Calvin Plant, the Manager of Indiana Street Trailer Park. When asked whether he was successful in repairing the gutters on his trailer, he hesitated, then remarked, “What gutters; they’ve been rusted out for years.”

Google Search for “M. Garza, Park Forrest” reveals three hits:

2 Jan 2003 – Park Forrest ER Report: W/M seen at Park Forest Hospital is claiming to be a SARS victim. A man was admitted to quarantine unit for examination, however, was cleared and released the following day after testing negative for the disease.  

4 Jan 2003 – Park Forest News at Six interviews a man claiming he contracted SARs (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) when he was employed as temporary kitchen staff at the Made-of-Money Hotel. The man said he would seek damages from the Made-of-Money Hotel for loss and suffering. A check of Park Forest Hospital records confirms an M. Garza was treated and released after spending the night in the Respiratory Care Unit of Park Forest Hospital.

9 Jan 2003 – Park Forest News at Six reports:  Made-of-Money Hotel was served with a civil suit by attorneys representing SARS victim, M. Garza, last known address was Indiana Street, Trailer Park.

Google Search for “man hit by meteor” reveals the following:

15 Feb 2001 – ITAR-TASS News Agency reports Romanian man hit by a meteor while sleeping. Mr. Igot Lumpnhead, a farmer in the Romanian town of Skiesafalin was treated for a nasty bump after being struck by a meteor fragment that crashed through his dacha on 14 April. Mr. Lumpnhead was rewarded for his mishap when the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia offered to purchase the rock and repair his roof. Mr. Lumpnhead received some 32, 000 Rubles ($1,000 U.S.) for his troubles.

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