Virtual Reality Exposure and combat PTSD



I need help writing a nine page critique paper on Virtual Reality Exposure and combat PTSD. Below are the major elements required for the peer-reviewed journal article critique paper and their associated point values. The paper should be structured to contain the major category headings below including the: Introduction Methodology Data Analysis (called Results in some articles) Communicating Findings (often called Interpretation in articles). The above heading should b e included in the paper. For example, the first level heading will be entitled Introduction and listed under that heading there should be eight second level headings which are included in the rubric below. If the article being critiqued is missing an element within one or more of the major categories, you should still address it in your critique. For example, if your article does not discuss certain sources of measurement error you believe the authors might have encountered in a study, you should describe them and their potential impact on the study’s results. A cover page, abstract and reference page are required and worth 6.66 points each (20 points total). These three items are all or nothing points; either you get 6.66 points or your get zero points. Make sure that you use APA style to create the cover page for your paper. Give the paper a title of your choice (for example "Critique of_______" with the article name in the blank space) and include on the cover page a running head per APA formatting rules. The abstract should be no more than 250 words. The reference page attached to the end of the paper also must be in APA style.

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