Web Design Mistakes

computer science


1-Pick a web site and evaluate how well it avoids the top ten mistakes of web‐based presentation of information as described in the text (Tullis, 2005).

2. Give examples of ways that coordinated windows can help users multitask.

3. Describe how role‐centered design might improve a user’s efficiency.

4. Describe the characteristics of a well‐written error message.

5. Explain the disadvantages associated with anthropomorphic design. Describe the guidelines for avoiding anthropomorphism.

6. Describe color choices that enhance user satisfaction and performance when designing an interface. What color pitfalls should be avoided?

Terms and Concepts to Know:

1. Role‐Centered Design

2. Anthropomorphic Design

3. Display Density

4. Mash‐Up

5. Coordinated Windows

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