Weekly Current Event Report

general article writing


You may report on any topic you chose that has been in the news during the past year that is related to

any aspect of disaster planning, disaster response, disaster recovery, security breaches or threats, or risk

assessment/risk management. The issue may involve government entities, non-governmental

organizations, or private sector industry. Feel free to use any open source material for your research

such as newspaper or magazine articles, credible and respected blogs, industry or trade journals,

academic journals, or the broadcast media.

Use the following template to organize your written report.


Provide a short description of the subject you are presenting similar to a newspaper or magazine

headline (e.g., Avian Flu Epidemic Raising Concerns Among Poultry Industry in Midwest; Office of

Management and Budgets Alerts Millions of Federal Employees of Data Breach; Chemical Plants Increase

Security Measures in Response to Terror Alerts; etc.


Provide a one or two paragraph summary of the topic. This explains the who, what, when, where, and

why of the sbject.


Provide 3 or 4 “bullet points” that identify the problems involved, challenges faced, lessons learned, and

corrective actions taken to resolve the issue.


Please identify your sources using the APA citation guidance, e.g., articles in journals, magazines, and

newspapers must include the following elements: author(s), date of publication, article title, journal

title, volume number, issue number (if applicable), and page numbers. For material accessed online,

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