What are some of the legal and illegal ways ISIS economically supports their organization



Please read the following two articles. Both articles focus on the development of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. This exam will be based on your ability to relate theoretical concepts from the course and use them for applied learning. After reading the two articles; please answer the following questions thoroughly. Please use complete sentences in your answers. You are not required to cite any information. Do not use outside sources to answer the content questions; as the focus is to look at specific information and decipher causal relationships of understanding. Be specific in your answers. Each question is worth 10 points.

Who is joining ISIS and what are the economic and social incentives for doing so?

What role does eschatology have upon the recruitment and growth of ISIS? How is religion used to grow organizational strength?

Looking at the Structural Framework Model-how does ISIS create this framework for those involved in theorganization? How is the structural framework model concept applicable to their mission/vision?

From the articles; list at least four of the key characteristics one would use to profile those looking to join this organization? What is the average age and education of an average recruit-be specific as based on the articles?

Looking at structure systems-cells, columns and umbrellas-how did ISIS grow out of a larger umbrella group? What was this group and where did this initial group have weakness which caused ISIS strength/growth?

Looking at the theory of Meaning Frameworks; how is the Quran and the concept of a Caliphate used by ISIS to support a Meaning Framework?

What are some of the legal and illegal ways ISIS economically supports their organization?

What are at least 3 ways ISIS uses the media to enhance their meaning framework?

How has the use of women benefited the growth of ISIS? What are women being used for and where are most young women being recruited from? Do you believe that the role of women could eventually break their system-(based on evidence from the articles)? Why or Why not?

What are at least 3 force multipliers that ISIS uses to gain strength and how do they utilize them?

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