What are the associated programming languages commonly used in this industry?

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Cloud Computing

Research Paper

You will complete a Research paper on Cloud Computing in Education Industry  and presentation on the topics stated below.

Topic: Cloud Computing in Education Industry

Please include all the  points from A - H in the paper and follow the instructions as given. 

1.      Prepare a Paper that describes Cloud Computing in the Education industry.

a.      How does the industry use Cloud Computing? (2 pages)

                                                              i.      Provide examples of key organizations in the industry

b.      What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Cloud Computing in this industry? (2 pages)

c.       What are the associated programming languages commonly used in this industry? (1 page)

d.      What are the common challenges of implementation? (1 page)

e.      What are the common performance challenges? (1 page)

f.        What are the skills of the needed personnel? (1 page)

g.      What are the common cloud management and maintenance protocol? (1 page)

h.      What are the common disaster recovery and business continuity measures for this industry? (1 page)

2.      Prepare a Presentation that describes the Cloud Computing in Education Industry.

a.      Use items A - H identified above for the presentation, one slide per topic.

b.      Need minimum 10 Slides (Should contain each topic from above A-H points)


3.      Both the paper and presentation will use APA citations and references.  The paper must have a minimum of 20 unique references.

a.      Ten of the unique references should be published after 2014.

b.      Wikipedia references will not be counted in the 20 required minimum. ( Do Not Include Wikipedia references). 

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