What are the features of Dr. Money's theory of gender neutrality

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Directions: Write a 4-page essay that addresses the following prompt by answering the questions as comprehensively as possible. Papers should be typed, double-spaced, numbered, stapled, use MLA citation, and have standard headings. Proof read, please. This is a checklist so be sure your exam paper conforms to it for full points.

Due In-Class Wednesday, March 15 NOTE: You must hand in the take-home essay in order to take the in-class exam.

So far we have examined several theories that explain sexual development and behavior in all its diversity. Focusing on the nature vs. nurture distinction and Dr. Money's case study of “Joan/John," write a brief essay that addresses these questions:

1. What are the features of Dr. Money's theory of gender neutrality? What does it

aim to explain? 2. Why did he use the "Joan/John" case study as confirmation of this theory? Does

this case study confirm his theory? Why/not? 3. What was wrong with this case study in terms of scientific methodology? Does

the research of Dr. Milton Diamond shed any light on the science of sexual

behavior? 4. What was wrong with this case study in terms of ethical principles? Did Dr.

Money ensure informed consent of the parents? Did his provocative methods harm or help the children?

Here are some related questions your analysis should probably address:

1. What part of sexual development or behavior is caused by biological precursors? 2. What part is caused by learned behavior associated with socio-cultural forces? 3. What tools do we have for telling the differences between them? 4. What are some problems with either/or explanations regarding complex behavior? 5. Does the meaning of such behavior change over time or across cultures?

You should use at least ONE other reading from class as a source of information, but limit your direct citations from the texts to short examples of evidence; no block quotes are permitted. Remember that comprehensive answers with more details, examples, etc. will get more points.

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