What are the various forms of volunteering/voluntary action/student volunteering



What are the various forms of volunteering/voluntary action/student volunteering? (referenced to literature)  What role does volunteering play in society? What does it contribute to voluntary and public sector organisations? e.g., charities, schools, social or health services,  How has volunteering developed in UK society? What are its origins?  Introduce the organisation where you will or have volunteered, include (paraphrase) some brief information on the role and function of the organisation,  How does the organisation make use of volunteers? (investigate if they have a volunteering policy to refer to),  What type of volunteering does the organisation support? e.g. providing a service or taking social action, relate this to definitions or models of volunteering,  How does the work of the organisation relate/contribute to the idea of the ‘Big Society’? (include a definition and brief discussion of the pros and cons of the Big Society).

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