What case scenario will you be analyzing?



You will submit a two- to three--page paper. In the paper, discuss which case scenario you will be analyzing. Also include an outline of the key facts of the case, and discuss the issues that your assigned forensic psychologist should address in the chosen scenario. Discuss the needs of the client, the defense team, and the court. Finally, include any other information that will be used to establish context for analyzing and evaluating the case.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Introduction

a) What case scenario will you be analyzing?

b) Outline the key facts of the case.

c) Overall, what are issues your assigned forensic psychologist would address in this scenario? Based on the scenario, what are the needs of the

client? The defense team? The court?

Please note that in your Final Project submission, there is only one Introduction critical element, which combines the four Introduction critical elements noted below. This milestone has four critical elements for the Introduction to allow you to practice and obtain feedback from your instructor, in order to have a polished Introduction for your Final Project.

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