What did you like the most about the training?





What did you like the most about the training?


P1-      The engaging with the ksa future facilitators.

P2-      I’m very impressed about the high level of preparation during the whole 3 days.

P3-      The deferent methods used during the training.

P4-      The competence of the training.

P5-      The interaction, the knowledge experience of the trainers.

P6-      Amazingly organized, well rehearsed and very adaptive to our needs.

P7-      The clarity on where facilitation is mostly used / the tools and variety.

P8-      Very interactive, convenient place, important topics.

P9-      The trainer was very nice

P10-    Relevant to mt career, innovation interaction

P11-    Very well planned and prepared

P12-    Group dynamics and engagement

P13-    Well planned and designed workshop sessions

P14-    New body of knowledge, experiential style

P15-    ORID was really an exultant experience

P16-    Interaction

P17-    The variety pf interactive tool




What aspects of training could be improved?


P1-      HLA to explain the main goal of the program.

P2-      Time keeping, location of venue (crowded area of Riyadh), more time for Q&A, send soft copies ahead instead of handouts.

P3-      Venue: not good location.

P4-      Record out the 3 days.

P5-      More time on the tasks and activity.

P6-      More clear objectives of ENABLE program before the program start.

P7-      Greater venue to accommodate more activates.

P8-      Venue.

P9-      Too many activities, sometimes I felt my learning was not in sequenced, *NOTE 3rd day was great in term of design activity.

P10-    More implementation or role play at …….

P11-    Venue facilities about the bathrooms.

P12-    Materials, power points.

P13-    Varying the energy level.

P14-    If we can ….

P15-    The information of the venue was given late, coming from out of town I had difficulty booking hotel due to winter season.

P16-     Not sure …..




OPEN COMMENTS – kindly provide open comments that are not covered in the item above, and/ or use this section to elaborate on the responses provided above as may be needed


P1-     Very high regard, appreciation & thanks to the ENABLE & North Star Teams for their unwavering dedication to excellence.

P2-    Thanks to the team and thanks to HLA, this is a great opportunity, looking forward to using it soon.

P3-    It would be beneficial …….

P4-    Thank you North Star Team.

P5-    Thank you so much for everything.

P6-    Thanks for the opportunity, would be great to continue with the same trainers.

P7-    Need more …….


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