What do you think is the other party’s wish, want and walk price?

social sciences


To help supplement the class with real-world experiences, students will:

·         Perform the following three (3) real-world, out-of-class negotiations

·         Students will complete all questions in the Preparation for Negotiation Section

·         Students will complete all questions in the Description of Negotiation Section

·         Must use negotiation terms/theories learned or researched in your communications.


Real-World, Out-of-Class Negotiations

  • Retail Negotiation:  Negotiate face-to-face for a price reduction in the purchase of an item for sale
  • Service Negotiation: Negotiate with a Service Provider for a price reduction, at a reduced or no additional cost. Service Provider may be for Internet Services, Credit Card Services, Car Insurance, etc.
  • Workplace or School Negotiation:  Negotiate a workplace or school-related issue face-to-face with a coworker or faculty member.
  • Interpersonal Negotiation:  Negotiate the resolution of a conflict with someone you know, i.e. family or friend


Preparation for Negotiation

  • To prepare for your negotiations, answer the following questions:
  • If you are unable to reach an agreement in your negotiation, what are your alternatives (what do you see as your best alternative(s) to a negotiated agreement (BATNA))?
  • What are your real interests in this negotiation (what you need to achieve, and why):
  • What are your “must haves” in this negotiation vs. what you’d “like to have”
  • What do you think is the other party’s wish, want and walk price?
  • What can you say/do to help make this negotiation collaborative (win-win) rather than competitive?

Description of the Negotiation


·         How/where/when/with whom did your negotiation take place?

·         What was the outcome of the negotiation; describe the negotiation process.

·         Specifically, in what ways were you satisfied/dissatisfied with the outcome?

·         Explain the things you did well in the negotiations.

·         Also, explain the things you did in the negotiations that could use improvements?

·         What were your learnings from this negotiation?


Paper should include title and reference page in APA format; 3 to 5-page-count compliant in Word Document format.  Minimum of three credible references.

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