What format should we use? Please use Word for your assignment, PDF documents cannot be easily commented on.



Part One: Individual analysis of the text
Students will select one of the texts provided for individual analysis, with each student in the group required to analyze a different text.


Product Recall : https://www.epson.com.au/product_notices/scanner_notice.asp

Using the concept of ‘Reader-Centeredness’ and  explain :- 

·         why the selected text is effective and/or problematic

·         why any problems with the text are significant

·         how you could make the texts more professional and effective.


How many words?  Up to 500 words - comprised of 250 words - with a tolerance of plus or minus 10%, and counting ONLY your original words i.e. exclude headings, sub-headings, direct quotes ( appropriately referenced), and your reference list. PLUS up to an additional 250 words of direct quotation from properly referenced sources, or paraphrased content, also properly referenced. 

Can we use lists or dot/bullet points? The assignment should be written in an essay format, but where appropriate you may use dot points sparingly. Be guided by these principles;

·         dot points should present lists in a clear format so people can see it’s a list

·         they should be used to emphasise important points

·         the material presented should be related.

What format should we use? Please use Word for your assignment, PDF documents cannot be easily commented on. 

Make sure to write in paragraphs.

Use 1.5 line spacing

What font should be used?

Think about readability, and make sure the font you use is neither too large or too small. 11 pt is good! 

Can we use graphics, images, screenshots?

Absolutely YES! BUT - they must be appropriate and used to support your text. And properly referenced. Consider what we examined in the topic Visual Communication - how can you enhance readability and usability with the use of visual elements,  how can you make your content more interesting, how can you use visual content to minimise the use of lengthy explanations? Consider these as part of the 250 words of cited content. 

Is there any year limit on references?

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