What is it that you want to prove from analyzing this dataset?



Assignment 1:


Define some objectives for analyzing the Coagulation dataset from faraway package.  

What is it that you want to prove from analyzing this dataset?  

What questions do you want to answer about this group of animals?

Use descriptive statistics to describe the variables in this dataset.  Use summary statistics, graphs, plots, and tables to answer the questions below

What does your sample look like? 

Who are these animals that make up your dataset?

Remember that a number or a table by itself says nothing.  Write a brief summary describing the sample based on the descriptive statistics you generated. 


Write a paragraph stating what information is in your dataset.  What variables are there?  What does each variable represent?  What kind of data (categorical, numeric, etc.) is it?  What is the sample size?  How was this data collected? What was the sampling method used?

Analyze your data descriptively.  Write a paragraph describing your data and refer to the descriptive statistics you generated.  

Specify an objective.  What is it that you want to achieve by analyzing the data?

Propose a multiple linear regression model for your data and analyze it.

Propose an alternative model for your data and analyze it.  

Specify which of your two models is better and explain your answer.  

When examining the residuals consider the following:

What does the Cook’s distance and leverage tell you about the data?

Are there any points of influence?

If any of the regression assumptions are violated, what can you do to fix the model and resolve this?

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