What is Paul Hirst's view of moral education? Explain in about 500 words



Q-1 ) What is Paul Hirst's view of moral education? Explain in about 500 words. In about 350 words, explain the overlaps and distinctions that his view has with the Kantian and Aristotelian views of moral education. In the 150 or so words that remain, comment upon or criticize Hirst's view of moral education. No bullet-points, please; I want an essay with logically connected parts.

Q-2) Of the four benefits of aesthetic education discussed by Ralph Smith in the article "Aesthetic Education: A Critical Necessity," which do you think is the most important, and why? Explain your answer, illustrating your points with examples and references to "Problems for a Philosophy of Art Education" as necessary. (1000 words)




Please note do the assignment from the reading attached. Not from any other source.

I have attached reading for both of the questions.

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