What is the purpose of a business



What is the purpose of a business? Does an employer or owner “owe” employees a job? If forced to choose between layoffs or shutting down, which choice should a company make? When are layoffs justified? (Laying people off is one of the most difficult tasks a manager may have to perform.) Do you believe organizations that hire contingent workers who would rather have permanent employment are exploiting these workers? Should organizations be legally required to provide some basic level of benefits - such as health insurance, vacation, sick leave, and retirement - to contingent workers? In your opinion, what should an employer do to treat contingency workers fairly? What would this cost the business or organization? When you reply to your classmates’ posts, critique their statements. Determine whether or not you agree with their position and opinion. Justify your opinions with details, facts and examples.Please remember to insert a meaningful and relevant subject bar to give us an idea as to the content of your post and to capture our interest.

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