What is the role of pets in family life?

general article writing


Task :

Please use the forum topic opened and discuss the following: 



1. Select any hypermarket and visit its ‘pets’ section. What products can you find on the shelves? For which pets

can you find the biggest selection of products? Why? 

2. What is the role of pets in family life? Has it changed in the last years? 


Font type: Times New Roman

Font size: 12

Double line spacing

Academic writing Harvard style

Number of words : 600

When you express string statements try to have a supporting reference so we know it is not just

your opinion

Make sure any web links used have a declared Accessed Date to be compliant with the Harvard

Referencing Standard

Make sure you have the full bibliographic details for each reference used.

Some times when looking at differences it can be useful to create a table and put them side by

side with a further column for comments, this allows the word count to be reduced.

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