What Is Typical Is Good: The Influence of Face Typicality on Perceived Trustworthiness

general article writing



Due by Nov.14, 2016

In the results and discussion sections, researchers generally show and interpret results, examine the

original hypothesis, and demonstrate or dispute a theory. It is also the stage of starting a new

question, and proposing new studies. Please read the result section, and try to address the following


(1) What dependent variables were analyzed?

(2) What are major findings? You can try to use graph to illustrate the results.

(3) Please use your own words to interpret the results?

(4) Did the results confirm or disconfirm the hypotheses?

(5) What implications are the results?

(6) Please evaluate this study in terms of internal validity and external validity.

(7) Would the findings challenge your own belief toward the concepts studied? What can you

tell other people after reading the study? Please write a short (less than a page long) pop-

science article to introduce this study.

You can also find the actual paper of this study in the folder of Document. Please add a reference

page in the end, to include the reference of the paper. Please strictly follow the APA format to

complete this assignment, including the cover page, the body of the paper, and the reference page.

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