What kind of evidence was used to establish the link between bacon and cancer?



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This is all about the report 5 years ago on the link between processed meat and cancer. I've included the original article, a short piece from the NY Times about this and a podcast from the BBC about the same thing. I want you to read/listen and answer these questions?

4. What kind of evidence was used to establish the link between bacon and cancer?

a). The report indicates that for every 50 grams daily intake (about 2 ounces) of processed meat you increase your lifetime risk of colorectal cancer abut 18%. But what does that mean in terms of real risk for that type of cancer. Aaron Carol describes how that would change the risk for a 50 year old man.

6) This report puts processed meat in the same general category of known cancer risk as alcohol use, smoking, and other environmental hazards. But how does it really compare to smoking in terms of increasing your lifetime risk for cancer. See if you can use the Google to find how much smoking increases your lifetime risk of cancer. How does this compare to bacon? 

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