What roles do Portals play in E-commerce



Assignment 9

*** Remember to write AT LEAST one full paragraph for each

question *** *** DO NOT copy from the text or any other

source, use your own words ***

1. What role(s) do Portals play in Ecommerce? Are they still

as relevant as they were a few years ago? More relevant?

Support your conclusion with additional research on the web.

2. What role(s) do Search Engines play in Ecommerce? How

do they affect Ecommerce?

3. What is Branding and how does the Internet assist with

‘Brand Extension’? Cite some examples.

4. What is Just-in-Time manufacturing? How has the Internet

affected Just-in-Time manufacturing? Cite some examples,

including one example from the retail industry and one in the

information technology industry.

5. What is Supply Chain Management? Do some research to

determine how the populist term globalization has been

affected by SCM, providing examples wherever relevant.

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