What types of operating systems (OSs) are designed to run on servers in a business network?

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What types of operating systems (OSs) are designed to run on servers in a business network? (Reference Topic - OS Types)


Business Client

Network Operating System (NOS)

Home Client

Cell Phone


2.Examples of workstation operating systems include: (Select 3 answers) (Read the description of each Operating Systems )


Microsoft Windows


Chrome OS


Apple Macintosh OS


3.Which edition of Windows 10 is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and comes with networking and management features designed to allow network administrators more control over each client device? (Reference - WINDOWS EDITIONS)


Windows 10 Education/Pro Education

Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 Enterprise/Windows 10 Enterprise (Long Term Channel)

Windows 10 Pro


4.Which Administrative Tool allows the default management console with multiple snap-ins to configure local users and groups, disks, services, and devices? (Reference - DEFAULT MICROSOFT MANAGEMENT CONSOLES )


Computer Management

Data Sources

Component Services

Local Security Policy


5.The New Technology File System (NTFS) is a proprietary file system developed exclusively for use with Windows. Which NTFS feature is a disk management feature allowing space on multiple physical disks to be combined into volumes? (Reference - NEW TECHNOLOGY FILE SYSTEM (NTFS) )



Dynamic Disks


POSIX Compliance


6.Each disk and drive displays status indicators in the Disk Management program. What indicator will show up if the disk is damaged? (Reference - DRIVE STATUS INDICATORS )


Not Initialized





7.If you cannot diagnose a hardware driver or configuration problem via Device Manager, there are other tools you can use to get more information. Which tools are used to get more information? (Select all that apply.) (Reference - HARDWARE DIAGNOSTICS )


DirectX Diagnostic Tool

System Information

Screen Resolution

Troubleshooting App


8.Which file system is for optical media with support for multi session writing? (Reference - FILE SYSTEMS )


CDFS (Computer Disk File System)

UDF (Universal Disk Format)

FAT (File Application Table) 32

FAT (File Application Table) 16


9.When the user wants to finish using Windows, simply disconnecting the power runs a risk of losing data or corrupting system files. There are various choices for closing or suspending a session. Which choice below will save the current session to disk before powering off the computer? (Reference - WINDOWS SHUTDOWN OPTIONS )




Shut down

Log off


10.Select the file attributes (Select all that apply) (Reference - FILE ATTRIBUTES )







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