What was the targeted experiences they were trying to describe?




Instructions for Article Critique and Review –Qualitative Study- PY620



You are to find an article in a peer reviewed journal (these are academic journals, not popular magazines like Psychology Today). It should be on a topic or in an area of interest to you. In your summary and critique of the article I would like you to answer the following questions.


  1. In your own words, summarize the goal of the research presented in the article. What were the authors trying to do?
  2. How did they obtain their sample? What population was sampled? How did they get people to participate? Were there incentives?
  3. What was the targeted experiences they were trying to describe?
  4. How was information gathered?
  5. What was the approach for analysis? What qualitative methodology was used?
  6. How was the text coded and organized?
  7. What was done to validate the information gathering process?
  8. What were the main themes discovered? Give examples to illustrate those themes.
  9. Were there limitations or problems that you noticed that the authors didn’t mention?
  10. Are the conclusions drawn by the authors consistent with their results?
  11. How is this research applicable? What information has been gained? What future studies does this research lead to?


Before beginning this assignment, please show me the article or send me the citation so I can make sure it is appropriate.


Instructions for the in-class presentation.


  1. Not everyone needs a copy of the article but they should all have a copy of the abstract. If you send me a pdf file of the article I can put it up on blackboard before class.
  2. Although you are all sick of Powerpoint, it can help to organize what you are presenting. Think in terms of bulleted lists.
  3. Graphs and tables from the article can be helpful in summarizing results. It’s pretty easy to copy from the pdf of an article and drop into Powerpoint.
  4. If you e-mail me your presentation or bring it on a jump drive we can use the overhead projector in class.
  5. Remember you are trying to present :
    1. Why the research was done-what was the research question.
    2. How the research was done- how was the information gathered.
    3. Who was involved-who were the subjects?
    4. What were the results- what were the primary themes?
    5. What does it mean? –implications beyond the study.

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