When I discovered our class assignment for this week, I became excited because daily I watch sports shows and news on television.



SPM 339 MP

Cornealius C. Simmons

January 23, 2020

Assignment: Chapter III Discussion

Instructor: Dr. Karla Jonesaz

            When I discovered our class assignment for this week, I became excited because daily I watch sports shows and news on television. I enjoy the incredible highlights amazing commentary by individuals who become extended family members that we enjoy seeing. The two television shows that I will discuss today are both on the ESPN network of sports shows. Sports Center and my other show that had to grow on me name is Around the Horn. The sports articles that I retrieve my information from are ESPN.com and Barstool Sports.

            First, we will look at ESPN, the name says it all, The Everything Sports Programing Network, the 24-hour sports network has changed sports availability with constant access to our sports stars, launched in 1979 by founder Bill Rasmussen. (Ref Forbes Sep 2012)

            The topic this week on all the sports channel programs and networks, the big basketball fight that erupted between Kansas and Kansas State Basketball teams. ESPN covers all sports in a sixty-minute format with two sports casters sitting at the desk as news anchors, it’s the same set up as the evening news this actually gives the sports the look of serious business and to us fans sport is serious business. . The topics are his at a fast pace and the biggest similarity is reporting on sport and all things associated with sports.

            The ESPN show Around the Horn, is set up in a game show format and the well-established sports journalist and commentators debate numerous sport topics at a fast pace earning points if the host thinks the comment is worthy. This show is interesting and both shows deliver a plethora of information for viewers to agree or disagree. They spend more time on one topic giving viewer’s information that is more detailed and controversial.

            The articles that I read from ESPN.com, paralleled with the Sports Center show, when you read the articles they truly are an expansion of the sixty-minute television show. The writers give you more detail information and add their flare on the current topics.

            Barstool Sports in my opinion has become the ESPN of online articles and sporting news, the delivery is fast pace and draws you in with videos with the articles.

            Each one of these mediums will continue to change the game of how we receive and look at sports. Every day I personally spend time watching sport like many of you, and the faster I get this information the better, these organizations have changed the game. 

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