Which HIM staff incorrectly filed a chart in the main filing area?



HIMII- 25 (Week 77) Quality and Graphic Assignment:

2 part Assignment:

Part 1: Quality Assurance vs Quality Improvement

Indicate after each statement/question which is QA or QI and provide an explanation on your selection.

1.       Which HIM staff incorrectly filed a chart in the main filing area?

2.       Where can HIM staff report specific errors for coding?

3.       Incorrect coding was done, which coder is at fault?

4.       What can be done to improve Turnaround for coding?

5.       HIM are following coding standards.                                    

6.       HIM Coders are improving their skills by having regular monthlyinter-rater reliability audits in place

7.       10 physicians were suspended for not completing their charts

8.       DAD/NACRS submission is edited by CIHI for errors  

9.       Coders in Hospital Summerville general did not properly code Diagnosis types in DAD

10.   CIHI provide training sessions for Coders to update themselves on requirements

11.   Results of a HIM documentation audit indicated the medical nursing unit not obtaining a favorable result

12.   HIM department working with the Privacy department to improve on processing of requests for Personal Health Information   

Part 2:  Wait time analysis:

Go to this website:  http://waittimes.alberta.ca/

For Analysis of Cataract Surgery trendsFollow the instructions

Step 1 – select the body region – Select the upper most circle of the head and select the cataract intervention -  you see a tick mark in the circle.

Go to Step 3 and select  I Urgent -  trend by 90%

Then select the green button for SEARCH


From the 2nd table select the following Specialist/Facilities:

A.      1 Physician from the North Zone -Queen Elizabeth II Hospital (Grande Prairie)

B.      3 Individual Physicians from the Edmonton Zone-Royal Alexandra Hospital


Select the best graphics/tools to illustrate best practice (lowest wait time/best performance) for these4 physicians in relation to the 90% received service within the province of Alberta for Cataract Surgery for 1st eye only.  (Use excel to create your graphics)   Provide a brief description as to your findings.


Ensure that graphics are clearly labeled and make sure time frames are indicated according to the information provided.

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