Which processor has the highest performance expressed in instructions per second?

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Rescheduled Midterm.


Date: 13 March 2020    8 April 2020 on D2L                                  

Duration: 1.2 hours 10:00 am to 1:00 pm




  1. Answer all the questions in the answer sheets provided
  2. You are allowed to bring the RISC V instruction sheet (green)
  3. Wherever necessary, explain with suitable figures.
  4. Draw diagrams neatly.
  5. Please note that the exam has been set for a total of 89 points. You can answer as many as you want. The total scored points will be considered for 80 points. This gives you some flexibility. 


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Q1. Consider three different processors P1, P2, and P3 executing the same instruction set. P1 has 3GHz clock rate and a CPI of 1.5; P2 has a 2.5 GHz of clock rate and a CPI of 1.2; P3 has a 4.0 GHz clock rate and has a CPI of 2.2.

  1. Which processor has the highest performance expressed in instructions per second?
  2. If the processors each execute a program in 10 seconds, find the number of cycles and the number of instructions?
  3. While trying to reduce the execution time by 30% it leads to an increase of 10% in the CPI. What clock rate should we have to get this time reduction?

 (15 points)


Q2. An AI benchmark program runs in 10 seconds on Computer A, which has a 4 GHz clock. We have to design a Computer B to run this program twice the speed. If this increase in speed will cause the Computer B CPI to increase 1.2 times as many clock cycles as Computer A, what clock rate should we target for Computer B?               (10 points)


Q3. What is Moore’s law? Explain.                                                                    (5 points)


Q4. Give the starting and ending memory address of a 4Kilo Byte memory?       (5 points)


Q5. A) Represent the following numbers in IEEE 754 format:

X = 44.125

Y = - 11.0625

Give both single and double precision forms. Show all the steps very clearly.


B) What decimal number does the following IEEE 754 Standard Single precision bit pattern represent?

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