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For each of the presidential power styles (ad hoc, circular and pyramid), explain why it is or is not successful in a paragraph. Support your opinion by discussing one of the presidents from the list that used that power style. Also, use an example of one of their policy initiatives and why it was successful or failed based on their power style. Kennedy Johnson Nixon Ford Carter Reagan Bush Clinton Grading Rubric Identifies White House structures of three presidents from list provided. Identifies Policies of three presidents from list provided. Illustrates Connection between structure and policy. Find the three parts of that issue's Iron Triangle. You may want to use the PAC you used in an earlier assignment. If you are having trouble looking for an issue you may want to research from the point of view of the Governmental Department. Looking at the organization of a Department may help you think of an issue. Here are the three parts of the triangle. PAC Member(s) of Congress Bureaucratic agency that oversees the policy implementation of that issue You should research actual names of PACs, committees, and agencies within the bureaucratic departments. Give as many details as you can. Example issue: Defense Defense contractor PACs The Senate Armed Forces Committee—Name members if you can The Department of Defense Include one paragraph explaining why this group is an Iron Triangle.

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