Workspace is folder. Create the Workspace on the Desktop or your H: drive

computer science


Things to know and remember

a.  Workspace is folder. Create the Workspace on the Desktop or your H: drive

b.  Project is a subfolder inside a Workspace

c.  Inside every PROJECT folder, you should have src and bin subfolders

d.  No partial points will be given unless mentioned.



Workspace: PA2

Project name: ProgAssignment2


Problem 1 (35 marks)



Descriptive variable names: -1 for each variable (if not followed)

Proper indentation: -3 (if not followed)

Wrong classname: -1


Class name: MovieRentApp


Start date: March 17, 2020(or immediately after Programming Assignment #1)

Deadline: April 2 (11:59 pm)

# of developers: 1 - 2 students (max)



Application: Write a console-based that would keep track of the movies rented.


        Additional requirements

a)  Working Menu                                            1 mark

1.  Developer(s)

2.  Search

a.  All Available movies

b.  By genre (e.g. Adventure, Horror, etc...)

c.  By title

3.  Rent

4.  Return

5.  Earnings

6.  Exit


b)  Search feature                                          4 marks

a.  Case insensitive (e.g. A = a)

b.  2a - shows all the movies that are currently available (not rented)

c.  2b – ask the user for the genre then search and display all the available movies under that category

d.  2c – ask the user for the title of the movie, then search and display the information (is it currently available? How much to rent the movie?)


c)  Rent                                                    10 marks

a.  Be creative on how you present the data

b.  The user can rent 1 or more movies (that are available)

c.  Display on the console the movies rented by the user, rent fee for each, and total


d.  Save to a text file the following information

                          i.   Date

                         ii.   Time

                        iii.   User’s name (you need to ask the user)

                         iv.   Rent fee (note: Not all movies have the same rent fee)

                          v.   Total

e.  There’s only 1 file that would store ALL the transactions. So, you need to think of a good format on how the data is stored.

f.  Movie_data.csv contains 20 movies (do not save the transactions here)



d)  Return                                                  5 marks

a.  Users can return the movies the rented

                          i.   If a user borrowed 5 movies, it doesn’t mean that the user would return all 5 movies on the same day.

                         ii.   You need to update your records to indicate that what was unavailable is now available

                        iii.   Have a record when the movies were returned and who (name of the user)



e)  Earnings                                                5 marks

a.  Display an aggregated report

                          i.   Title of the movie, how many times it was borrowed, rent, and earnings

                         ii.   Grand total






f)  User friendly and intuitive                              5 marks

g)  Program design                                           5 marks

a.  Don’t put all your codes in one method

b.  Create several methods to support the different functionalities

c.  Much as possible, limit the method to one purpose





a.  Zip and upload

b.  If there are two developers, only one needs to submit. Do not forget to indicate the name of the developers in your code.

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