Write a paper on Sigmund Freud. What impact did he have on society

social sciences


Research Paper (8 pages minimum typed, double-spaced not including Works Cited page)

Please write a research paper on a subject that interests you (to do with Sociology).

You must use a minimum of six good sources (NOT Wikipedia and NOT the class text book) for this project. This means doing some library research on your topic and writing a paper that explores a specific topic in more depth than you would find in your text book or in a general internet article on the subject.

If you don’t want to come up with your own topic, here are two topics you can choose from:

1. Write a paper on Sigmund Freud. What impact did he have on society? On the way we think? On art and literature? On government? Please DO NOT include a biography as part of the paper.

2. Write about a group that immigrated to America. Why did they come here? What were their challenges? What challenges do they face today?  You may have your own immigration story – feel free to research it and present it as a research paper.

Please use APA format for your paper and citing sources.

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