Write a summary of James Joyce's "Araby"

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Please, I need a 3 to 5 page summary of the pages attached, please.  Please follow the instructions. APA style and citations. Please only take this if you can deliver on time. Thanks

Instructions Bellow

For this essay, read the directions for writing a Summary. These can be found on pages 1263-1265 of our textbook (4th ed.). After reading these, you will write a summary of James Joyce's "Araby" found on pages 85-89. This Summary writing needs to be 3-5 pages long and in APA format. Please include a Cover Page, Abstract, 3-5 pages of the essay, and a References page. For the best Summary, you will want to paraphrase, but also include a quote from the story in each paragraph. There should be a 75/25 ratio of your words to quoted words. You will need to cite the short story and any other sources you may use. You are only required to use the short story but may choose to also use other sources.

For a summary, you need to include major characters, plot details, and any other pertinent information that drives the story. If you are struggling to write enough, you may include a discussion on the author and/or the time period it was written in. Be sure to cite all info and to use quotation marks on any word-for-word usage. Remember, look at the Essay Rubric to see how I will be grading your essays 

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