you might find the following form useful for organising your ideas and beginning to structure your plan.



Planning your assignment – you might find the following form useful for organising your ideas and beginning to structure your plan.  If you prefer to use another format or you have already started that is fine. The final  


Gender equality and Girls education in India     - Topic


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In the spaces below bullet point your ideas for the assignment for each section








The assignment is a literature review on a topic related to education and international development. Students will be expected to draw on:


Education focus:





Development focus:





Theories/approaches to education and international development;


Possible Theories/approaches:






International and national policies; and








Recent empirical research related to the topic.


Empirical Research:








Structure (breakdown of the word limit is only suggestive, and you can be flexible if your assignment requires it differently)



Refining Your Ideas:  Provide more detail where possible – these items may change and develop

Title: A critical literature review on … (identify a key topic)



Introduction (ca. 700): Research aims, rationale, contexts and questions








Methodology (ca. 300): A brief description of your approach to engage with the literature search (key words, selection criteria), synthesis, databases, as well as data analysis method, (if you used data including textual analysis of policy documents).



Findings (ca. 2000): Report key themes identified from the reviewed literature, key theories, cutting-edge empirical evidence, and findings from any primary/secondary data you analysed).











Discussion (ca. 1500): Discuss and critique what have been found, main contributions and limitations of various authors/scholars whose work you have reviewed, different schools of thoughts, and what is missing.










Conclusion (ca. 500): summarise the whole review study and point out research gaps and future research directions.





References (Harvard style)

Please use the correct Format for your References


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