You were recently hired as the General Manager of a 12,500 seat sports and entertainment arena in New England.



Case study assignments offer students an opportunity to evaluate an industry relevant scenario and develop a solution based on critical reflection and analysis


You were recently hired as the General Manager of a 12,500 seat sports and entertainment arena in New England.  The venue’s primary tenants are a minor league hockey team and a Division I Men’s Basketball team, however the venue also plays host to a number of concerts and family shows. The Board of Trustees has charged you with substantially increasing sponsorship revenues by a minimum of 50% in the next fiscal year, up from $750,000 in FY2016-17.  You have been told many current sponsors are not renewing their contracts, leaving you in a position to find new exclusive sponsors in the following four areas: automobile, alcoholic beverage company, non-alcoholic beverage or food brand, and clothing/apparel retailer. 

Your immediate goal is to secure exclusive sponsors in these four categories.  Considering the Board of Trustees must approve every sponsorship deal, you must present a detailed rationale to justify why and how these sponsors align with the values and objectives of the arena. 

You are responsible for the following:  

  • Target one exclusive sponsor in each of the four categories listed above.
  • Using the 360 Degree Marketing Approach provide a detailed rationale as to why the companies you selected are the best option.  Please highlight the following areas within the 360 Degree Marketing Approach for EACH company/brand:


      • Overall company objectives and marketing objectives
      • Products and brands
      • Seasonality
      • Target Audience
      • Brand Awareness
      • Geography of Business
      • Sponsorship History


  • To submit as a deliverable in ulearn.
    • Create a brief PowerPoint Presentation, highlighting each company and the seven components of the 360 Degree Marketing Approach. Provide your rationale for selecting these companies in the “Notes” section of each PowerPoint slide.

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