Your colleague has come up with a great piece of code to do handwriting recognition.

data mining


Your colleague has come up with a great piece of code to do handwriting recognition. They mentioned that it works perfectly with 100% accuracy and wants to get your opinion. The actual data set is much larger, and your colleague hasn’t commented the code.

Your objective:

a) Comment each section labelled ‘SECTION #“ , be sure to provide enough information of what is going on in the section.

b) The code needs to work on your machine, so you will need to get it to work.

There may be a few errors. Indicate what you needed to do to get the code to


C) Analyze what your colleague did and explain their process (from the technique

perspective) and whether the code could be improved. Indicate the number of

hidden layers and number of neurons.

d) Provide the level of accuracy and if you think it could be improved.

e) Complete the table below (using your colleagues code), and explain what might

be happening.





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