Your research paper is the most important individual component of your grade. You will write on the



Question 1 Topic for Research Paper Rubric Your research paper is the most important individual component of your grade. You will write on the (The Berlin Airlift 1948-1949). there should be sufficient historical background from earlier in the century. Be sure that all sources you use are scholarly sources (not Wikipedia) and that you cite them using formal citations in the Chicago Style. You should have at least 6 sources listed, indicating that you have browsed some scholarly articles or books for relevant information before you choose a topic. Write a 3-5 paragraph note of the topic 

 Question 2 From your topic(The Berlin Airlift 1948-1949). The second paper is a research topic of roughly 7-10 double- spaced pages, or around 2,000 words or more. You will prepare a brief biographical outline of a prominent figure or a report on an important technological innovation, artistic style, or religious movement. The Paper: The Paper must be fully documented with properly cited sources. The only acceptable notation system for these papers is the endnote system. Do not place notes in parentheses inside the text (MLA style). You must use the Chicago Style for history papers. The citations in your paper must be numbered (do not repeat numbers) and correspond to the list of numbers in the section of the paper entitled “Endnotes,” or Word can write them at the bottom of each page as “Footnotes.” Either is acceptable. You must cite the appropriate required works and all outside sources often and where relevant to the thesis and main points of your paper. 

Good scholarship in this area will help your grade. Lack of citations to the sources you used will lower your grade. LONG Paper: The approximately 7-10 page term paper (2,000 words or more) offers you a chance to investigate some aspect of Western society that particularly interests you. You can select from a wide range of topics, such as sports, politics, music, art, business, religions, famous individuals, wars, social life, economic trends, etc. then search for at least five academic sources, and use searches for 2 primary sources. Keep in mind that articles in Encarta are not considered academic sources. Relying too heavily on dubious Internet sites and online encyclopedias for information is a sign of poor research skills.

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