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171+ Good AP Research Topics & Ideas For Students

Welcome to our blog, which is focused on helping students get through the often tough job of picking AP research topics. As you start your AP Research journey, one of the most essential choices you’ll make is finding the right topic to explore.

This choice not only shapes the direction of your research but also affects your overall experience and success in the course. This blog will give helpful ideas, tips, and resources to guide you through the topic-picking process.

We’ve got you covered whether you’re passionate about STEM subjects, humanities, or social sciences. By the end of this blog, you will feel more sure and ready to choose an exciting and research-worthy topic that fits your interests and goals. Let’s dive in and explore the exciting world of AP Research topics together!

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What Are AP Research Topics?

AP Research topics are subjects or issues students study and look into for their AP Research projects. This is a college-level class where students plan, design, and do a year-long research project on a topic they pick.

Some key things about AP Research topics:

  • They should be something the student cares about and wants to research. This helps motivate them through the lengthy research process.
  • Topics can be related to any subject like STEM (science, tech, engineering, math), social sciences, humanities, arts, etc.
  • Students must select a topic they can investigate and analyze using resources and data.
  • The topic should be complex enough for a full year of deep study. Narrower-focused topics are best.
  • Students should select a topic that fits their skills, interests, and future goals.
  • The research topic guides the whole AP Research project and class experience.

Guidelines for Selecting AP Research Topics

Here are some simple guidelines for selecting AP Research topics:

  • Pick a topic you find interesting and are excited to research. This will help you stay motivated.
  • Select a topic that is narrow and focused enough to research in-depth in a year. Don’t pick topics that are too broad.
  • Ensure sources and data are available on the topic so you can analyze and investigate it.
  • Consider if the topic aligns with your skills, knowledge, and future goals. Pick something relevant.
  • Choose a topic complex enough to be considered an academic research study. Don’t pick something too simple.
  • Talk to your teacher and get their input about your topic idea and if it will work for the research project.
  • Don’t stress too much. There are many potential topics, and you can adjust your focus along the way.
  • Consider exploring a topic related to your primary academic interests like STEM, social sciences, humanities, arts, etc.
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AP Research Topics

The AP Research course permits students to study an academic topic, problem, or issue of particular interest in depth. Through this investigation, students design, plan, and conduct a year-long research-based analysis to address a research question. 

Selecting an appropriate, focused, and manageable topic is a critical step in the AP Research process. Here are 170+ potential AP Research topics organized by popular subject categories:

Science and Technology Topics

  1. Developing more efficient solar cells
  2. The ethics of genetic engineering and modification
  3. Methods for earlier detection of pancreatic cancer
  4. How to improve safety features in self-driving cars
  5. Green technology innovations to reduce carbon footprints
  6. The public health impact of e-cigarettes and vaping
  7. Hacking: methods, prevention, and ethics
  8. Using CRISPR technology for disease prevention and treatment
  9. The benefits and risks of nanoparticles in consumer products
  10. Developing sustainable battery technologies for electric vehicles

Environmental Topics

  1. The effects of fracking on groundwater contamination
  2. Reducing food waste through sustainable packaging solutions
  3. Urban development and sustainable city planning
  4. The economics and environmental impact of recycling
  5. The health effects of air pollution in major cities
  6. Ocean acidification and its impact on maritime ecosystems
  7. The effect of prescription drug disposal on water systems
  8. Reducing the use of plastics and microplastics in the ocean
  9. Strategies to reduce water consumption in agriculture
  10. The environmental impact of textile manufacturing and fast fashion

Business and Economics Topics

  1. Strategy for Sustainable Manufacturing Practices
  2. Developing effective mentorship programs in the workplace
  3. The gig economy and the future of work
  4. How automation is transforming jobs and employment
  5. Cryptocurrency and the future of money and banking
  6. Media representation of weight and its economic implications
  7. The economic impact of legalizing marijuana
  8. Corporate social responsibility trends and economic impacts
  9. The effect of student debt on the US economy
  10. Globalization and cross-cultural business communication

Psychology and Sociology Topics

  1. The correlation between mental health and usage of social media
  2. Media representation of disability and its societal effects
  3. The psychology of Conspiracy theories and belief systems
  4. Cultural trends in young adult literature and their societal influences
  5. How architecture can promote mental health in urban areas
  6. The impact of music training on cognitive development
  7. Gender bias and discrimination in STEM education and careers
  8. The social factors influencing vaccination rates
  9. How immigration policy affects migrant families and communities
  10. The relationship between income inequality and crime


  1. Cultural relativism: Understanding diverse cultural practices
  2. Archaeological methods: Techniques for studying past civilizations
  3. Biological anthropology: Human evolution and diversity
  4. Indigenous cultures: Preserving traditions in a changing world
  5. Linguistic anthropology: Language as a cultural phenomenon
  6. Medical anthropology: Cultural perspectives on health and healing
  7. Anthropology of food: Cultural significance and dietary practices
  8. Urban anthropology: Studying cities as cultural ecosystems
  9. Ethnographic research: Methods and applications in anthropology
  10. Anthropology of tourism: Impacts on local communities and identities

Healthcare and Public Health Topics

  1. The effectiveness of school nutrition programs on health outcomes
  2. How access to healthcare impacts chronic disease management
  3. The effects of continuous remote patient monitoring systems
  4. Wearable devices and their ability to encourage healthy habits
  5. Implementing effective health education programs in developing nations
  6. The short and long-term health impacts of natural disasters
  7. The role of mobile clinics in providing care to rural communities
  8. The effects of medicinal cannabis policies on opioid usage
  9. Factors contributing to the rising motherly mortality rate in the US
  10. The public health impact of the gun violence in America

Government, Politics, and Policy Topics

  1. Media framing of political rhetoric and its influence on voters
  2. The effects of voter ID laws on election turnout and results
  3. How congressional term limits could transform US politics
  4. Diplomacy strategies between competing nations and alliances
  5. The impact of partisan gerrymandering on democratic representation
  6. Grassroots activism and passing state or local legislation
  7. How Election Financing Regulations Shape Campaign Spending
  8. Causes and solutions for political polarization in America
  9. The influence of special interest groups on public policy
  10. Balancing the privacy rights and the national security in the digital age

Education Topics

  1. The influence of school start times on student health and achievement
  2. How grade inflation impacts student motivation and learning
  3. The effects of culturally responsive teaching on diverse students
  4. Flipped classrooms: benefits and drawbacks for student learning
  5. The role of emotional intelligence in teacher effectiveness
  6. Factors influencing teacher shortage in America
  7. The effects of music and arts education on childhood development
  8. The school-to-prison pipeline: causes, consequences, solutions
  9. The benefits and challenges of single-gender classrooms
  10. Standardized testing: analyzing effectiveness and equity

Language, Literature, and Culture Topics

  1. Representations of gender in classic and contemporary literature
  2. The evolution of the antihero in television and film
  3. The effects of celebrity and social media culture on body image
  4. Descriptions of mental illness in young adult literature
  5. The influence of rap and hip-hop on youth culture and activism
  6. How social and political issues influence contemporary art
  7. Cultural appropriation in music and fashion: impacts and ethics
  8. Analyzing diversity and inclusion in children’s media
  9. The digitization of literature: evaluating effects on reading habits
  10. How memes spread cultural ideas and shape online communities
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Law and Criminal Justice Topics

  1. Proposals for reforming the juvenile justice system
  2. The effects of police body cams on law enforcement accountability
  3. Causes and solutions for wrongful convictions in the US
  4. Evaluating evidence and forensic science in criminal investigations
  5. The impact of three-strikes laws on incarceration rates
  6. Do castle doctrine laws promote or hinder public safety?
  7. Restorative justice programs: evaluating effectiveness
  8. Racial disparities in drug-related criminal sentencing
  9. Lowering recidivism: education and rehabilitation strategies
  10. First Amendment issues surrounding online hate speech

History Topics

  1. The role of women in the American civil rights movement
  2. An analysis of propaganda during wartime or political movements
  3. The influence of Roman philosophy and Greek on modern democracy
  4. Tracing LGBTQ+ rights and identities through history
  5. Evaluating historical accuracy in popular films and media
  6. How trade and exchange spread ideas in ancient societies
  7. The influence of European colonization on indigenous cultures
  8. Analyzing diverse voices and perspectives in recorded history
  9. The evolution of political revolutions through history
  10. Preserving endangered historical sites and artifacts

Social Sciences

  1. Impacts of foster care policies on childhood development
  2. Social influences on the pursuit of STEM careers across genders
  3. Effects of media portrayal of body image on youth self-esteem
  4. Influence of celebrity culture on teen mental health and risky behaviors
  5. Strategies for reducing implicit bias in classroom settings
  6. Impact of access to nutrition programs on community health outcomes
  7. Relationship between income inequality and criminal activity
  8. How the architecture of urban spaces affects resident mental health
  9. Changing gender norms in young adult literature over time
  10. Social effects of partisanship and political polarization

Health and Medicine

  1. The role of mobile health clinics in rural communities
  2. Wearable devices’ potential to encourage healthy habits
  3. Effects of medicinal marijuana policies on opioid usage
  4. Public health effects of widespread gun violence
  5. Factors driving rising maternal mortality in America
  6. Access to healthcare effects on chronic disease management
  7. Short and long-term health impacts of natural disasters
  8. Implementing effective health education in developing nations
  9. The promise and ethics of genetic engineering
  10. How nutrition programs affect health outcomes in schools

Civics and Governance

  1. Media framing of political rhetoric and its voter influence
  2. Grassroots activism strategies for passing legislation
  3. Diplomacy strategies between competing nations
  4. Balancing privacy and national security in digital age
  5. Effects of voter ID laws on election turnout and results
  6. Understanding causes and solutions for political polarization
  7. Evaluating election financing regulations and reform
  8. Influence of special interest groups on public policies
  9. Pros/cons of congressional term limit proposals
  10. Impact of gerrymandering on democratic representation

Arts and Humanities

  1. Portrayals of mental illness in contemporary young adult fiction
  2. The evolution of antiheroes in television and film
  3. Cultural trends in modern memes and online communities
  4. Digitization of literature and impacts on reading habits
  5. Diversity and inclusion issues in children’s entertainment media
  6. Cultural appropriation in fashion, music, and the arts
  7. Spreading ideas through hip-hop, rap, and youth activism
  8. Tracing LGBTQ+ rights through different eras of history
  9. Analyzing propaganda use in historical political movements
  10. Preserving endangered historical sites and artifacts

Philosophy and Ethics

  1. Ethical considerations in artificial intelligence development
  2. Utilitarianism vs. deontological ethics: Approaches to moral decision-making
  3. Bioethics: Balancing medical advancements with ethical concerns
  4. Environmental ethics: Responsibilities towards future generations
  5. Virtue ethics: Cultivating character for ethical living
  6. Animal rights and welfare: Ethical considerations in human-animal relationships
  7. Ethical implications of emerging biotechnologies
  8. The ethics of war: Just war theory and international conflicts
  9. Cultural relativism vs. universal human rights: Debates in ethical philosophy
  10. Ethical implications of big data analytics: Privacy and autonomy concerns

Engineering and Design

  1. Sustainable architecture: Designing for environmental efficiency
  2. Human-centered design: Creating products and systems for user needs
  3. Transportation infrastructure: Innovations for efficiency and safety
  4. Biomechanics: Understanding human movement for design applications
  5. Design thinking in business: Applying creative problem-solving methodologies
  6. Aerospace engineering: Advances in aircraft and spacecraft design
  7. Materials science: Innovations in materials for engineering applications
  8. Ergonomics: Designing for human comfort and efficiency
  9. Urban planning: Creating livable and sustainable cities
  10. Robotics: Applications in industry, healthcare, and beyond

Media and Communication

  1. Media literacy education: Empowering critical thinking skills
  2. Digital journalism: Challenges and opportunities in the digital age
  3. Social media influencers: Impact on consumer behavior and trends
  4. Advertising ethics: Balancing persuasive communication with truthfulness
  5. Film and television representations of marginalized communities
  6. Public relations strategies: Managing organizational reputation
  7. Online communities: Building connections in a digital world
  8. Gaming culture: Community dynamics and identity formation
  9. Podcasting: Trends and influences in the podcasting industry
  10. Crisis communication: Strategies for effective communication during emergencies

Resources for Finding AP Research Topics

Here are some helpful resources for finding AP Research topic ideas:

  • Your interests – Consider what subjects fascinate you or issues you care deeply about. Those make great topics.
  • AP Research topic lists – There are lists online of ideas organized by subject that can spark ideas.
  • Academic journals – Skim through journals in your field of interest for the latest research trends and ideas.
  • Newspapers/magazines – Reading current events can inspire socially relevant topics to explore.
  • Your teachers – Talk to teachers about their areas of expertise and ideas that intrigue them.
  • Family/friends – People you know may have fresh perspectives on what to study.
  • Databases – Library and academic databases have millions of studies to browse for ideas.
  • Google Scholar – Search here for academic articles on potential research topics.
  • Google News – Get updated on the latest discoveries and news that could lead to ideas.
  • Your future major/career – Consider aligning your research with your future academic and career goals.

Is AP Research Harder Than AP Seminar?

Here is a simple overview of how AP Research compares to AP Seminar in terms of difficulty:

AP Seminar:

  • Focuses on research skills like analyzing sources, developing arguments, and presenting findings.
  • Involves shorter research assignments, essays, and presentations.
  • Allows collaboration with classmates on projects.
  • Teachers provide more structure and guidance.

AP Research:

  • Focuses on conducting independent, in-depth academic Research.
  • Requires a year-long research project done individually.
  • Less scaffolding – students work more independently.
  • Involves deeper statistical analysis and methodology.
  • Culminates in a 5000-word academic paper.

Overall, AP Research is considered more difficult and demanding than AP Seminar. The projects are more complex, completed individually, and require advanced research skills. However, AP Seminar helps build critical foundations needed for AP Research. Students can successfully step up to the greater rigor of Research with hard work.

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Final Remarks

To wrap up, choosing an AP Research topic is essential to doing well on your research project. We discussed important things like understanding the guidelines, looking into different categories, and avoiding common mistakes.

Remember, your topic should match your interests, be possible to research, and have a unique point of view. Use the resources, ask teachers for help, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Starting early and doing thorough research will set you up for success.

So, take your time, explore different options, and pick a topic you feel excited about. With hard work and a good topic pick, you’ll start a rewarding journey of exploring, learning, and discovering in AP Research. Good luck with your research!

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