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Top Ethics Paper Topics to Make your Presentation Effective

Are you looking for the ethics paper topics for your project? Here we will provide you with the top 15 ethics topics for your paper so that you will be able to make an effective essay or assignment paper with the help of these important topics.

Before discussing the ethics paper topics, we know what is ethics?


Ethics are the moral principles that regulate a person’s activity or lead the behavior of that person. In other words, you can say that it is a branch of philosophy that deals with moral principles. We ought to do the right things. No doubt, many factors influence our understanding of ethics.

Types of Ethics-

According to the earlier theories of ethics discovered by the ancient philosopher, they categories ethics into four parts, namely deontologist, utilitarian, right, and virtue, whereas modern philosophy divides ethics into three parts that are metaethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics. We will discuss all the types one by one.

Types of ethics according to earlier theories-


A deontologist is a person who acts according to his self-made commitments when the person is faced with a moral conflict because he does not stick to a set of moral duties.


In the case of utilitarianism, the decision should be sensitive and give the greatest benefit to the masses.


The rights of a person in a society can be set by laws or allot from other people. Rights are the highest priority if they are the root of an ethical theory.


If we judge someone by virtue, in this situation, reputation, ethics, and motivation of an individual play a key role here because the person’s character is considered here rather than actions.

Types of ethics according to a modern philosopher-


This type deals with the emergence of human values, reasoning, and motivation. The popular question of metaethics is what is morality and where does it come from?

2.Normative ethics-

Normative ethics try to determine the answer to the question, how should one react?

3.Applied ethics-

The content of applied ethics differs significantly, and it involves criminal justice and bioethics. It deals with particular actions and services according to moral acceptance.

Now you have the basic information about ethics, and you can write an assignment with the best ethics paper topics.

Now we will jump to the fields of ethics and great topics that you can consider as your assignment.

Topics of Ethics

1.Sports ethics topics-

In sports, integrity, responsibility, respect, and honesty are the factors on which morality depends. In sports activities or competition, a player feels himself in a dilemma: he should be ethical or focus on victory? Hence the answer to these questions is not easy. Here we are providing you the list of sports topics for your assignment.

  • What are the moral responsibilities of a player?
  • Is sportsmanship unethical?
  • How is it immoral when a player uses drugs?
  • Are ethics important in games?
  • Why are college athletes paid?
  • Investigate gender discrimination in sports.
  • Are sports and higher education complementary to each other?

2.Computer ethics topics-

The advancement in information technology has changed our lifestyle very deeply. Computer ethics are revolving around computers and cybersecurity. The list of computer topics-

  • How to deal with cyberbullying?
  • Is it safe to hold the information about our lives on a computer?
  • What are the detrimental impacts of sharing sensitive data online?
  • What should be the amount of work that we have to leave to computers?
  • Is hacking ethically justified?
  • What will happen if all the software be free?
  • Which crimes are harmful computer crime or human crime?
  • Who handles the information that is distributed online?
  • How do tech companies deal with moral issues?
  • Why is it necessary for the tech companies to enroll for the ethical boards?

3.Bioethics Topics for an Essay

When it comes to life and health, then bioethics comes into play. It involves genetics to neurology and plastic surgery. It creates confusion for the researchers when they have to use the name of the common good. It makes it an interesting ethics paper topic to attempt as an assignment. Have a look at the topics-

  • What are the ethical issues of genetic engineering?
  • What is the problem of stem cell research?
  • Is it moral to use humans for drug testing?
  • Why are vaccinations necessary?
  • Is it worthy to keep a person alive who is brain dead?
  • What are the detrimental effects of plastic surgery?
  • Is it compulsory for people to donate organs?
  • The problems associated with surrogacy.

4.Criminal Justice Ethics Topics-

Attorneys should always follow ethics, but it does not always happen. Law enforcers and Police officers sometimes faced ambiguous ethical situations. When the public believes something is right, they do not agree with them. The topics of criminal justice are-

  • When the police officer is allowed to use violence?
  • What is the limit to force someone?
  • Is prostitution legal?
  • Is it justified to torture?
  • How to deal with child soldiers?
  • Are teaching ethics avoided crime in schools?
  • How can an officer be unbiased?

5.Topics of ethical dilemma-

When the unlike standards strike, an ethical problem becomes a dilemma. In this case, it is not possible to follow an ethically clear path. The ethical dilemma topics are as follows-

  • Is it ethical to supervise children when they use the internet?
  • If a patient denies taking life-saving treatment in this situation, what should a doctor do?
  • Is it justified to tell a lie to get a job in compulsion?
  • Suppose you are not getting any money to promote something. Would you promote it?
  • Will you accept your fault when you cause an accident and no witnesses were there at that time?
  • Would you take revenge when your partner cheated you?
  • If your teacher bullies your friend consistently, but you are favorite to your teacher, would you take a stand for your friend?
  • Suppose you are in a serious relationship, but your partner gets a job placement in another part of the country; what would you do?

6.Topics of Ethical issue-

These are the circumstances where a person is required to determine which activity is right or wrong. Here is a list of ethics paper topics to include in your assignment.

  • Is it unethical to distribute the wealth unequally?
  • What can we do to save the environment?
  • How can we contribute to climate change?
  • If somebody is extremely rich, it is ethical or unethical.
  • How to deal with racism?
  • If the use of the drug is legal, would it be unethical to take them?

How to select the best ethics paper topics-

Now you have an idea about all the topics of ethics as you have a long list. Still, you are confused about which topic you should choose for your assignment; then there is a need to consider these factors.

  • The topic should be helpful.
  • It should be interesting.
  • Choose a factual and informative topic.
  • Always select a relevant topic.

If you are interested in any specific topic, you can consider it as your assignment in order to write effectively. Ask the help of your peers to attempt it. Take some time to evaluate the best topic and plan it properly.

Points to remember-

When you are writing your assignment, there is some point to keep in mind to avoid mistakes.

  • Do not write without planning.
  • Do not write in a hurry because there is a saying that hurry makes mistakes.
  • Check deadlines and instructions given by your teachers.
  • Include relevant ideas and evidence to support your idea.
  • Write your assignment in a proper format,
  • Do proofreading of your assignment to remove the mistakes and extra words.
  • Submit your assignment before the guidelines.


Ethics is a broad area of study, and it is not easy to choose a good topic for the assignment because it has a long list of ethics paper topics. In this situation, a student gets into a dilemma when he needs to decide on a topic as an assignment. By analyzing the above topics, you can go with a topic to make your assignment attractive.

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