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How to attach assignment in google classroom

Google classroom has become an efficient platform for creating an assignment and for submitting an assignment in the same place. It allows teachers to give the same assignment to all the students or to give different assignments to all the students along with their names in those assignments. Students can also either work in the google classroom or can work at other platforms and then can submit the completed assignment in such class only. But there are many students and teachers who face problems in attaching the assignment in google classroom so they frequently ask how to attach assignment on google classroom. This article will guide you how you can attach all types of assignments in google classroom. 

Steps and Guide  How to attach assignment in google classroom

1. Open the Google classroom – 

The very first step is to open the google classroom. You can open it from both google chrome and on your mobile. If you want to open this in Google chrome then first search the google classroom or you can directly open it from the right corner of the desktop or laptop screen. If you haven’t signed in yet then firstly you will have to sign in into google. For opening the app in the mobile, it is available for both android and iOS so you just have to download the google classroom application from the play store or the like platform. Thereafter open the app and sign in in the application. Thus, the first step in how to attach an assignment in google classroom is to either open the application in Google chrome or open in the mobile and thereafter you have to sign in through your gmail account.

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2. Teacher – create an assignment 

If you are a teacher the firstly you have to attach an assignment for students. So if you are stuck with how to attach an assignment in google classroom then follow the given instructions – 

  • While attaching the assignment you will have the option to attach the same  assignment for all the students or you can attach different assignments for respective students or you can attach an assignment for one group of students.
  • While attaching the assignment, the teacher has an option that it can either allow the students only to view the assignment problem and then to make an assignment thereon and thus can attach the same or it can allow the students to work there only so that students can work in the google classroom only and teacher can keep a check on the students how and what are they working. Moreover, the teacher has an option that he can make a copy of assignment for all the students and thereafter students have both the option to view the assignment problem and  to work there also. 
  • Teachers  can attach any kind of assignment problem including google forms. Thereafter students have to attach the assignment accordingly. This is why it is very important to learn how to attach an assignment in google classroom video.
  • The next step for a teacher in how to attach an assignment in Google classroom is to click the assignment and then type the title of the assignment and you also have an option to add description to the assignment for students’ better understanding. You can use such a description for adding instructions.
  • While attaching the assignment you have to change the due date for submission. In order to change the due date, click or tap on the date and time given and then you can update it accordingly.
  • You can also add materials while attaching the assignment so the next thing to learn in how to attach assignment in Google classroom is to learn adding materials. In the option of attaching a file to the assignment, you can also add any file whether it is excel sheet or word file etc. but it has to be stored in your Google drive.
  • You also have an option of a YouTube play button by which you can easily attach a YouTube video in your assignment. Just click this option and then you can search the video on YouTube you want to attach and then you need to copy and paste the YouTube URL in such option.

3. Students – submit their assignment 

The next step in how to attach assignments in Google classroom is that students will attach their assignment for submission.

  • Firstly click on the assignment and then click on view assignment. 
  • Then just below your work you will find an option of add or create. You have to click on that to attach your assignment. 
  • The next step is to select the file you want to attach for submission in that. You can choose the file from google drive and file can be of any kind like excel or word etc.
  • The next step in how to attach assignments on Google classroom is to select your file and upload.
  • You can also add some information with it.
  • The last step is to click on turn in the assignment and thus your assignment is attached. 

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Google classroom has become a leading platform to create an assignment for students and whereby students submit their assignment. So many students and teachers frequently ask how to attach assignments in Google classrooms. If you are facing a problem in submitting online assignment help or assignment help online then you have to follow the given instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can students draw in Google Classroom?

Yes, you can draw in google classroom. You have to follow some steps to draw in google classroom. You may visit our website for more help.

What types of assignments can be created in Google Classroom?

There are four types of assignments you can create on Google Classroom. They are Assignment (with manual marking), Quiz assignment(with automatic marking), Question(MCQ, short answer type), and material(good for reading).

How can students learn effectively through assignments?

Assignments build up an exploring habit in students. Along this way, students can research in a detailed way and thus improve their research abilities. Research is an engaging activity for students that grow knowledge and increment the capacity of critical reasoning.

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