how to submit assignments in Google classroom on mobile

How to Submit Assignments in Google Classroom in Mobile

In today’s world, Assignments have become a significant and indispensable part of students’ lives. So to simplify the process of assignment has become easy with the technologies and Google Classroom is one of those platforms. It makes it easy for both students and teachers to share files between them. It is available in the form of an application for android and iOS users. But many of us know only the traditional method of assignments so don’t worry this article will help you to learn How to submit assignments in Google Classroom on mobile.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom has emerged as a platform for all the students where they can work together on assignments.

It is a free web service provided by Google for schools and colleges with a view to do assignments together. Google classroom helps to simplify the process of making assignments by giving students a platform to create, distribute and complete assignments. It simplifies and makes it easy for students and teachers to share files between them.

You can also access it through Application. Google Classroom App is available for both Android and iOS. This is why we need to learn How to submit assignments in Google Classroom on mobile.

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Teacher will give you assignment

Firstly, a teacher has to give you an assignment and he can assign you an assignment by attaching documents or links on which you have to make assignments.

A teacher can post an assignment to the whole class or to a single student or to a group of assignments. And he can also set a due date for submission.

As a teacher while giving assignments you have the options to either allow the students to just read the file and do not give them editing access or you can allow students for both reading and editing.

Teacher has an option to create copies of the file for all the students so that they can get a separate copy of the file. Importantly, teachers can give titles to such copies and write students’ names also.

The best part about this app is that as a teacher you can check the progress of student’s work on those assignments and also you can edit their work.

When the teacher will assign you an assignment then you must be searching for how to submit the assignment in Google classroom on mobile.

How to submit assignment in Google Classroom in mobile

1. Download the app in your mobile

The very first step is obviously to download the Google classroom application on your mobile. You don’t need to panic if you have an iPhone as this application is available for both androids and iOS. You can go to the play store and download it from there.  

2. Classwork

The step is to sign up for the app. Now you have the app then click the class you want to enter.

Then click on the Classwork so that you can choose the assignment you want to submit.

Thereafter, click on the Assignment you want to submit.

If you want to write something to your assignment then you can just click the text area and start typing, otherwise you can directly submit your assignment file.

Next step in how to submit assignments in Google classroom on mobile is to click on the UP arrow option available above the words your work and the work assigned. It will let you attach files or photos whatever your assignment is.

Now you attach the file you want to submit for your assignment simply by choosing it from your mobile.

To attach the file, you just have to click on the attach file and then select the file manager to import the file therefrom. Then you need to touch the file you want to attach. Thus, it will get attached.

After selecting or attaching your file you are required to tap on turn with a view to submit it.

You can repeat the process for as many files you want to attach.

If you are still facing issues on how to submit assignments in Google classroom on mobile then review this step again while performing it on your phone.

3. Turn in

This is the leading step in how to submit assignments in Google classroom on mobile.

Once the students are assigned a question of assignment and due date for submission by the teacher then students can work on that assignment in the application only or can attach some other file.

As we have discussed, you can have access to just read the assignment file given by the teacher or you can edit it too if you are allowed by the teacher.

Once you are done with the assignment work then you attach the files, links or pictures to your work. And when you have performed each and every part of the assignment then you can turn in your assignment. It will be submitted.

If you have submitted before the due date then you can make changes to your assignments until the due date. As you have an option to submit the assignment or make the changes , edit the assignment and resubmit your assignment. But these options are available only before the due date.

4. Grades

The whole process and purpose of learning how to submit assignments in Google classroom on mobile is to get good grades and now the turn is for your teacher to give you grades.

As soon as you submit your assignment, your teacher will get the access to write remarks or notes on your work. He can also add the grades to your work and then can return the assignment to you back with the feedback for your reference along with the grades.

Assignment help

5. Review

Thereafter you can check your grades. And if you work in Google drive then you have one more option to regain the edit access over your assignment. Thus the last step for how to submit assignments in Google classroom in mobile is to review your assignment and grades after submission.

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Google classroom has emerged as a simple and easy platform for students and teachers to work on assignments instead of following the traditional method of assignments. Teachers can assign you assignments in that app only with a due date to submit and then you can add submit your assignment is easy steps. If you are stuck with how to submit assignments in Google classroom on mobile then you can follow the above given steps. It would help you to cope up with the application from beginning to advance. Get the best college essay writing services from the experts at nominal charges.


What to do when google classroom says not submitted?

If you are getting this error, it may be happening due to low internet speed. Try to resubmit your assignment when your internet speed is good.

Can a teacher unsubmit an assignment in google classroom?

No, currently, google classroom doesn’t provide this feature. The teachers cannot unsubmit any assignment that the student had submitted.

Can teachers see if you open an assignment in google classroom?

Yes, they can see if you are reading an assignment or opened an assignment.

What are the advantages of google classroom mobile?

Freely Available, No need for paper, Simple and effective UI, Portability, Effective communication, and assignment submission.

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