A Definitive Guide on How to Write a Literature Review Outline

A literature review outline represents the logical structure of your research paper’s topic leading to your thesis statement. It consists of related research, research objectives, implications, as well as conclusions. In this blog, I am going to share with you the tips on how to write a literature review outline. Let’s started:-

Purpose of the literature review outline

Your literature review has to establish the justification and foundation for your study by indicating the knowledge of the current state of the field and in what way your study fits into that picture. Your logical argument flow should be replicated in the writing of the parts of your outline.

Types of Literature Review Outline

Narrative or Traditional Literature Review

It is a comprehensive, objective, and critical analysis of the present knowledge on a topic. They are a vital part of the procedure of research and help to establish a theoretical framework and emphasis or context for your research. 

A literature review will help you to recognize trends as well as patterns in the literature so that you be able to identify gaps or discrepancies in a body of knowledge. It must lead you to an adequately dedicated research question that validates your research.

Systematic Literature Review

  • A more well-defined and challenging approach
  • Comprehensive
  • unpublished and Published studies connecting to a subject area
  • Particulars the time frame inside which literature was designated
  • Give information on the methods utilized to assess and create the answers to the studies in question.

The structure

  • A literature review is a critical analysis of available resources, or literature, on a specific subject. 
  • It is a calculation of the literature as well as offers a summary, classification, evaluation, as well as comparison.
  • Literature reviews at the postgraduate level are able to incorporate into an article, thesis, or research report.
  • Literature reviews at the undergraduate level are able to a separate calculation. 
  • The literature review is usually in the organization of a standard essay prepared up of three constituents: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.


  • Define your topic for literature review the as well as offer an appropriate context for studying the literature;
  • The causes such as viewpoint – for
  • Literature review;
  • Give details about the organization that is a sequence of the review;
  • State the scope of the review, that which is comprised and that which is not included. For instance, you can suggest something as if you checked the obesity literature in children.
  • The general population contains a large number of studies on obesity rates. From the time when the emphasis of this research is on child obesity; however, these will not be thoroughly examined and responded to only accordingly.

Main body

  • According to common themes bring together the literature;
  • Make available understanding into the relationship amongst your chosen topic and the extensive subject area for instance amongst obesity in general and obesity in children;
  • Move from an over-all, broader view of the literature being reviewed to the exact emphasis of your research.


  • In the existing body of literature Precise the significant aspects ;
  • Assess the present state of the literature review;
  • Recognize important gaps or flaws in existing knowledge;
  • For future study make sure outline the areas;
  • Link your research to existing knowledge.

The Importance of a Literature Review Outline

It offers readers a comprehensive report on in what manner significant the topic is by demonstrating the prominence of the articles cited;

It provides readers with the chance to evaluate as well as compare distinct valued writings that have encouraged the writer. As a result, the literature review does in excess of posing a theoretical approach, on the other hand, it makes a window of inspiration for another researcher; It demonstrations a not the same perspective on previous research, classifying any gaps or contradictions, finding newer ways to describe a specific matter.

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A literature review is a scholarly paper, whichever consists of the current knowledge with substantive findings, along with methodological and theoretical assistance to a specific topic.

Besides this, Literature reviews are secondary sources and do not report newer or unique new work. The above information on how to write a literature review outline is relevant to the student. If a student is facing any problems while doing the literature review outline, you can get essay writing help from us. Along with it is a time-consuming task. 

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