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Python Vs Javascript: Top 9+ Key Differences

Python and JavaScript are both equally popular due to their functionality, and both share various common features but are different from each other in many aspects.

Indeed, it is challenging for students to choose the best one for their careers. They often fail to compare two programming languages and search it over the internet to be sorted. 

 Python vs JavaScript is both the most popular programming languages to choose from. Both are highly interactive programming language.

 Both languages have many career options, like Python developers and JavaScript developers.

Before we dig into the comparison between Python vs JavaScript, let’s look at the overview of these programming languages. 

What Is Python?

Python is the most robust programming language of the 21st century so far. Besides, it is getting more popular with every passing year. It is a high-level interactive programming language and offers dynamic semantics that are quite easy to read and implement. Python also has some features of scripting languages.

Therefore it is widely used to create web applications. In terms of a dynamic language, no one can beat Python because it supports various paradigms: procedural, object-oriented, functional, and imperative programming.

It offers built-in packages and modules to perform different kinds of programming in Python. Therefore you can build simple and complex programming in Python without hassle.

What Is Java-Script?

JavaScript is also one of the most popular high-level interactive programming languages in the world. The main objective of JavaScript is to provide dynamic functionality on web browsers. It offers the best support for standard applications with the help of text, dates, and regular expressions. JavaScript plays a crucial role in creating dynamic web pages.

It has the support for functional programming and imperative programming paradigms. Without the help of JavaScript, it is quite impossible to use dynamic functionality in web pages. In the first use of JavaScript, most of the programmers used it for designing the front end.

But nowadays, it is playing a crucial role in the backend of web pages. It is also used as the full-stack development programming language. Therefore JavaScript is not limited to web webpages, and you can also create a desktop application with JavaScript. 

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Python Vs Javascript: Top 9+ Key Differences

Python and Javascript are the greatest programming languages that do not necessarily replace each other. 

You know, “Instagram is one of the biggest applications that handle a lot of traffic using both languages. Python is used for the server, and JavaScript for the client side. Also, there are a lot of applications that use python and javascript. 

Let’s know the main difference between Python and Javascript. you can also watch this video to know the differences between Python vs JavaScript in easy way.

On the Basis PythonJavascript
HistoryPython was developed in 1991 by Guido van Rossum.Javascript was developed on December 4, 1995, by Brendan Eich. Javascript is often abbreviated as JS.
MeaningIt is high-level and mainly designed for general-purpose programming languages. It can solve any issue that can be explained in code and quantified.On the other hand, it has one of the core technologies of the WWW (World Wide Web), alongside HTML and CSS. 
Python Vs Javascript Speed It is a good choice for CPU-intensive tasks.Moreover, Javascript is a great choice for dynamic and real-time interactions.
UsageIt will rise by another 50 percent in 2023 and is good for data analysis using Python projects, automated tasks, and websites or software.As of 2022, 98% of websites use JavaScript on the client side for webpage behavior, often including third-party libraries.
Python Vs Javascript performanceThe performance of python is good, but it lacks the features of Node.js. But developers can easily improve the performance of Python code with Cython or NumPy.The performance of Javascript is relatively faster due to the multithreading feature of Node.js.
Python Vs Javascript: Which is Better?It is best for CPU-intensive projects, large-scale applications, and huge data files. As per Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022, javascript is much better than python.
Python vs JavaScript Scalability or PopularityPython app development is less scalable due to a lack of multithreading features. It works with Global Interpreter Lock. JavaScript apps or Node.js development are highly scalable. 
Python vs JavaScript Learning Curve: Which programming language is easy to learn?It is a lot easier to learn and the most beginner-friendly language. It is not easy to learn and has a steeper learning curve. 
Python Vs JavaScript: Inheritance

Python is an authentic OOP language that uses a class-based inheritance structure.It is not a pure object-oriented programming language.
Python Vs JavaScript: Modules and LibrariesIt has ready-to-use modules and libraries.JavaScript does not have as various in-built modules as Python, excluding rare ones, like JSON and Math.
Python vs JavaScript: Numeric TypesPython has an array of numeric data variables such as fixed-point decimals, int, and float.But it offers only floating-type variables or a limited set of variables.
Python Vs JavaScript: Implicit ConversionIt is strongly typed.It is a weakly-typed programming language. Javascript allows both dynamic typing and strong typing.
Python Vs Javascript for web developmentIt is a backend server-side programming language. Javascript runs in the browser, so it’s better for web development than python.

Python Vs Javascript For Beginners

Python is quite easy to learn compared with JavaScript, and it is one of the simplest code programming languages in the world. Python offers online documentation and community support for programmers; thus, programmers can learn Python quickly.

Apart from that, Python syntax is similar to plain English. Therefore you do not need to learn the complex syntax to code in Python. You can run Python code in the command interpreter in windows.

On the other hand, JavaScript is quite complicated compared to Python. It has predefined syntaxes, which are hard to remember for newbies. Apart from that, a small mistake in JavaScript will not run your script on your web browser.

You need to make your logic more robust if you are going to learn JavaScript. You can’t find any official resources to learn JavaScript. The best part of JavaScript code is you can run it on any browser, and you do not need to have an additional IDE to run JavaScript code.

Python vs JavaScript

We can observe that over 5 years, Python overtook JavaScript and became more popular than JavaScript. In 2016 they were equally popular, but in 2021, Python is more demanding than JavaScript. Now you can determine which one you should go for to pursue your career.

Arrays, Lists, And Tuples

Regarding array support, Python provides workaround support for implementing the arrays. On the other hand, JavaScript has the best support for arrays in the form of inbuilt data types. Both Python and Java offer excellent support for the list. Apart from that, Python and Java also provide support for both mutable and immutable tuples. 

Code Blocks

Python is one of the simplest programming languages, and it uses indentation for defining the code blocks. On the other hand, JavaScript uses curly brackets to determine the code blocks. In Python, we use the newline as the statement terminator. On the other hand, JavaScript uses the semicolon(;) to terminate the statement. 

Function Arguments

Python has excellent support for exception handling. Suppose that you run a program with lots of functions and different parameters. Then one of your functions is called by the invalid parameters. Python will raise an exception for this error and show it to you in this case. Python also has some additional parameters for this. 

On the other hand, exception-handling functionality is not available in JavaScript. If the invalid parameters call your function, JS will automatically be considered the ‘undefined’ value rather than the exception of that error.

 If your program has many additional arguments, these are known as special arguments in JavaScript. 

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Hash Tables

Python provides a unique feature, which is known as a hashtable. It gives a slight edge to Python over JavaScript. The hash table is a combination of directories and sets. On the other hand, there is nothing like a hash table in JavaScript. 


Inheritance is one of the crucial factors of object-oriented programming languages. Therefore both Python and JavaScript support inheritance. But there is still a difference between using inheritance in Python and JavaScript. Python uses the class-based inheritance model, and on the other hand, JavaScript uses a prototype-based inheritance model.

Python Vs Javascript Machine Learning

Python is best for machine learning and is the most powerful language that can be integrated with other programming languages. Besides, Python comes with multiple modules, and most programming experts call it a ‘batteries-included programming language.

Python offers numerous libraries that help programmers a lot in machine learning. Moreover, it is compatible with the latest programming language, which makes it the best programming language for machine learning compared with JavaScript. 

On the other hand, JavaScript isn’t designed for machine learning. However, it offers a limited number of modules, such as JSON and date. Therefore it is not compatible with machine learning algorithms

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Python Vs Javascript Web Development

Python is not directly beneficial for web development. Django is one of the most popular Python frameworks for web development. With the help of Django, you can easily do backend coding. 

On the other hand, JavaScript is a scripting language, and it is specially designed for web development tasks. You can perform plenty of backend tasks of web development with the help of JavaScript.

Python Vs JavaScript Performance

When we compare the performance of both of these programming languages, then JavaScript is quite faster than Python. It is observed that the software that runs on Python programming is quite slower than other software. This software takes a longer time to respond. If you want fast performance, then you should use JavaScript. 


Scalability is one of the crucial factors for programming languages. It is also a crucial aspect of this comparison. It means that the software or websites designed by the programming language can handle many users.

 And also manage a large amount of data without putting the extra load on the server. In terms of scalability, JavaScript is the clear winner. JavaScript is designed for scalability and asynchronous programming.

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Numeric Types

Python offers almost every data type, i.e., int, float, char, and so on. On the other hand, JavaScript uses only floating-point variables. 

Python Vs Javascript Jobs

Python and Javascript both offer ample job opportunities to programmers. Here are a few job opportunities for both Python and JavaScript programmers. 

Top 5 Best Python Jobs

  • Python Developer
  • Product Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Educator
  • Data journalist

Top 5 Best JavaScript Jobs

  • Front End Web Developer
  • Web Application Developer
  • JavaScript Developer
  • UX Designer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • UI Designer
Python Vs. JavaScript Salary 

The entry-level python developer earns up to $78k per annum, and the junior Python developer earns $89k per annum. The mid-level Python developer earns $111k per annum, and the senior python developer earns up to $122k. 
On the other hand, a junior JavaScript developer earns up to $60k per annum. And the senior JavaScript developer can earn up to $113k per annum. 
Note: We have discussed the average salary of both Python and JavaScript developers. But we have to keep in mind that both of these programming languages offer ample job professions, and thus the salary may vary from profession to profession. 

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It is the end of our blog; what have we learned? Is Python better than JavaScript or vice versa? In this blog, we have not talked about the importance of Python and JavaScript in data science. We know that Python is data science’s most widely used programming language.

But nowadays, JavaScript is also playing a crucial role in data science. Lots of new JavaScript frameworks are compatible with data science. If you are looking for java programming homework help, then calltutors is the best choice. If you want to get into the field of data science, then Python is the best option for you.


Which is better Python vs Javascript?

NO doubt, JavaScript is better than Python in the case of website development. The reason behind it is, JavaScript Runs in the browser. Python can be used partly in web development but alone is not sufficient.

Is JavaScript more difficult than Python?

Yes, if you are learning the programming language for the first time and don’t have any prior knowledge of programming. Python is comparatively easier than JavaScript because of its simple variables and functions.

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