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Which coding language to learn first to Be A Programmer

The most frequently asked question is which coding language to learn first. There is no specific answer to this. It depends upon your suitability that which coding language would be best suitable for you to start with. It means you first need to decide the purpose of learning the coding language on that basis you can decide the coding language you can start with. Generally these purposes are either to learn as a hobby or to learn for a career or just to enhance your current knowledge. This article will help you to decide which language to learn first as per your objective of learning.

List – which coding language to learn first


The first and foremost language in the list of which coding language to learn first is Python because of its popularity and easy to learn and maintainable characteristics. 

Assignment help

Python is considered as the easiest language as it is an open source language. If you are an absolute beginner in coding then you can learn python first. It is easy because it reads English also so you don’t have to struggle with binary language. You can easily learn the basics of coding without even learning or focusing on minute details. It is generally preferred for web development, GUI and also for software development. It has become the leading language of the world and many large companies also use this programming such as NASA, YouTube and even Google for their various projects. But if you deal with the development of mobile apps then this language is not for you. 


The next language in the list of which coding language to learn first is C language. C programming is considered as the toughest language especially for learning so if you are looking for the easiest language to start first then this is not an option. But if you want to start with the tough language by which you can learn all other languages inherently then it is the best suitable for you. So if you know C language then you can easily learn C++ and C#.

C programming is a machine learning language so if you learn this language then you can learn the functioning of a computer also through this language only. 

This is why this programming is considered as the master coding and the one who knows this language is a master coder. Thus, if you want to become a master coder then you can start with this language.


Java is also one of the important languages of the world. So many people also learn coding with Java language only. Java is object oriented and is very high in demand. The next feature of this programming is that you can write this language on any device and also on work cross platform. This is if you are struggling with which coding language to learn first then you can opt for Java as it will help you not only to learn the programming basics but also in building your career.

Nowadays it has become a very high paid language. If you want to learn coding for a career purpose then you can start with this language as you will get paid sooner or later. 

It can be used in both android and in iOS which makes it a beginner friendly language. 

Java Script

The next language in the list of which coding language to learn first is Javascript. It is also a very popular language and this is why learning this language has become a need of the hour. This language is used by many websites such as Twitter, Gmail, Facebook or Spotify etc.   this language is very popular for front end web development. 

With this language you can connect to HTML and CSS. You can also use it in test automation frameworks and it acts as the backbone of several frameworks like Protector etc. 


The last language in the list of which coding language to learn first is Ruby. It is very similar to Python language as it is also considered as the easiest language to learn first. It is a completely friendly language for absolute beginners having zero experience in the programming world. For learning this language you don’t have to know a long list of commands or programming vocabulary as this language has a multitude of libraries and these libraries are very handy. You can use them easily. 

It is generally preferred over other languages because of its full Stack frameworks and also because of Ruby on Rails. This is why it is used by many new start-ups and enterprise solutions. It is preferred by small businesses because ruby might face a scalability issue in large systems. 

So if you are looking for a language which is very easy to learn. And have numerous career opportunities then you can go for Ruby language. 


If you are stuck with which coding language to learn first then this article would have helped you to figure out the best suitable language for learning for you. 


If you are looking for a very easy to learn language so that you can be motivated while learning. And you can start with basics then Python is the best suitable language as it can read English language.

Secondly if you are looking for a language by which you can build a strong career. And to become a master coder then you can prefer C language. 

Thirdly, if you want to make mobile applications and want to learn these basics of programming. And through which you can start your programming career. Then you opt for Java language.

Fourthly, if you are struggling with front end development then you can learn Java script. It is very popular language too so you can also build a career in it. 

Lastly,  if you want to learn programming for small business and for start ups then you can start learning Ruby. You can easily create start up websites through this language. Get the best programming assignment help from our experts.

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