. Select a Canadian public company from the list below, or use the one assigned to you by your instructor



This assignment is concerned with the corporate governance workings of a large public company.

1. Select a Canadian public company from the list below, or use the one assigned to you by your instructor 

2. Conduct research online about the nature of this company’s corporate governance structure; e.g.:

a. What is its Board of Directors (BoD) composition; i.e. inside, grey, outside directors, etc.? Generally speaking, who makes up the BoD; i.e. from what industries or businesses? Are BoD members compensated? If so, how? 

b. How long do BoD members serve? When is the next BoD election? 

c. Does the BoD have a charter, or some such other governing document? What are its highlights? For how long has it been in effect? 

d. What mandate does the BoD have? What responsibilities does it have – to the shareholders? To the organization’s management team? 

e. What is the nature of its interaction with the shareholders (e.g. frequency, duration)? How do shareholders initiate a vote?

3. How does the BoD oversee company management? How does company management interact with the BoD for strategic advice & guidance? 

4. How is the company management team compensated? In what other ways is the risk of management team conflict of interest mitigated? 

5. Are there currently, or have there been, any scandals, allegations of questionable conduct, etc.? Document these.

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