1. Heavy rains continue in Malaysia since the seasonal rains began to make its mark in the northern states of the western peninsula from the end of November 2019.



Part A

1. Heavy rains continue in Malaysia since the seasonal rains began to make its mark in the northern states of the western peninsula from the end of November 2019. Significant heavy rains from 26 November 2019 have caused flooding in four states in Peninsular Malaysia, namely, Johor, Kelantan, Pahang, and Terengganu. The floods have temporarily displaced about 15,000 families across the country. The situation following the weekend (30 November 2019) saw water level increasing in several affected districts. Essentially there is a need for the State to develop an effective disaster communications strategy to distribute timely and accurate information to the public in the wake of a disaster. 

a) Elaborate on the FIVE elements that are essential for an effective disaster communication strategy to coordinate and respond with the public and emergency agencies during the disaster. {100 words)

b) Explain the importance of utilising social media as a platform and interactive communication channel for the dissemination of real time information and situational awareness for the public during a disaster. (100 w )

2. JOHOR BARU, July 22 — The drastic hike in incidents of fire nationwide last year is very alarming and requires more proactive preventive measures and enforcement when 36,043 calls over fire were recorded compared to 28,853 calls in 2017. Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (MFRD) deputy directorgeneral (Development) Datuk Soiman Jahid said that, of the total last year, according to statistics, 4,928 calls were recorded in Johor compared to 3,610 the previous year. ‘’This shows a very significant increase in the number of fires in the country requiring us to take a more proactive action including enforcement measures,’’ he said in his speech when launching the Johor MFRD Fire Safety Seminar here today. However, he said that only RM3.3 billion in property went up in smoke last year compared to RM5.2 billion losses in 2017 while property worth RM28.3 billion was saved last year compared to RM51 billion in 2017. 

Based on ONE organisation, discuss in detail the preparedness action to be planned by the employer to ensure employees’ safety if the fire occurred.  (200w)

Part B

1. Disaster is an unusually large-scale, costly, public, unexpected, or has some of the mentioned properties combined (Turner and Pidgeon, 1997). Disaster is classified as a natural disaster, man-made disaster and Na-Tech (natural that leads to technological) disaster. Until 2013, natural hazards in Malaysia are a relatively less significant issue than man-made disaster which has a greater impact on that of the natural disaster. 

a) Explain the THREE level of disaster in MNSC Directive 20 (MKN 20) complete with the committee and person-in-charge. Support the explanation with an example of disaster for each level.  (150w)

b) Explain how the Incident Command System (ICS) can be integrated into the MNSC 20 policy. (100w)

2. In assuring business continuity during any disturbance to businesses, Business Continuity Management (BCM) needs to be prepared and tested. Select an organisation and design a BCM plan based on its FIVE steps. Prepare the answer in the table form as follows: 

BCM Steps, Elaboration,  Example (200w)

3. Recovery is the process to return the incident/disaster affected area to normalcy. 

a) Differentiate short term and long-term recovery based on any local or international disaster. (100 w)

b) Explain how early warning system process can affect the short term and long term recovery process.  (50w)

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