Public Image and Facilities Management



Public Image and Facilities Management

You are the facilities manager of a well-known stadium. The media representatives are calling! After a game on Thursday night, 300 individuals have contracted what appears to be food poisoning, and your stadium concessions are being blamed! You have a key game on Saturday. 

  1. Based on class notes, is this "a sudden crisis" or "smoldering crisis?" Provide your rationale for your assessment
  2. Based on the class notes, please identify three areas of risk that may have contributed to this crisis. For instance, people (improper handling of food), systems or processes (food and beverage/sanitation methods), external components (food supplier, contaminated food), etc. 
  3. Please prepare a risk response plan for your organization to protect our public image. What organizational strategies will you employ to reduce or eliminate each of these three risks? 

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