A cloud service provider for PwnMe.Com uses 50 percent of its data center equipment to setup a cloud infrastructure.

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Data Centre & Cloud Infrastructures Assignment


Service Management & Security Concerns


A cloud service provider fo rPwnMe.Com uses 50 percent of its data center equipment to setup a cloud infrastructure. The remaining equipment is used for internal operations and for testing. The cloud infrastructure consists of a hypervisor cluster. A resource pool is created by aggregating the available resources of the hypervisor cluster. The cloud infrastructure is used to provide compute services. The services are allocated necessary processing power and memory resources from the resource pool.


The hypervisor cluster is composed of 10 identical physical compute systems containing 2 redundant (passive) compute systems. This means that the cluster can absorb up to two compute system failures and continue to support all services at the same level of performance. The available processing power and memory per physical compute system in the cluster is equal to 19.2 GHz and 64 GB respectively. The existing resources in the data center can meet capacity requirement of services in short‐term. However, the provider should procure and provision additional resources as required to avoid the capacity issues in future. Further, the provider is concerned about security attacks that may compromise the hypervisors running on the physical compute systems. The provider should take control measures to protect against such attacks.


The capacity management process in a service provider’s organization is shown in the figure. The process comprises several activities, shown in rectangular boxes. The process also consists of conditions. They allow the process to branch into different directions, depending on whether the conditions are met or not.


Given: The thresholds for over utilization and underutilization of resources are 70 percent and 40 percent utilization of total resource capacity respectively. These are used to determine whether the resource pool is over utilized or underutilized. 

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