a driver program that takes the commands: “graph”, “end_graph”, “print_graph”, “depth_first_search”, and “quit” from the first file

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Deadline: 5 hours

implement a graph data structure using an adjacency list to keep track of which university football team beat which team. Thus the nodes of your graph will be university names, and each edge, AUniversity -> BUniversity, represents that AUniversity football team beat BUniversity in some game. Also, university names need to be stored in alphabetical order, i.e., the node names that represent “from” nodes should be in alphabetical order, and also “to” nodes from each “from” nodes should be stored in each linked list in alphabetical order.

Your program needs to read from two files. After compiling your program using makefile, it should generate an executable file named “p2p1”.It will be executed using the following command:./p2p1 commands1.txt edges1.txt 

Note that the name of the files such as “commands1.txt” and “edges1.txt” might be different, but your program will always be executed using two files and the first file will contain a list of commands and the second file will contain the information on edges for your graph. 

implement a driver program that takes the commands: “graph”,“end_graph”, “print_graph”, “depth_first_search”, and “quit” from the first file.The program should print out each entered command before processing it. 


A real example of this command can be:


Your program should start reading the second file that contains the information on edges in the following format:

Arizona State,34,New Mexico,10

Boise State,52,Idaho State,24

Florida State,14,Boston College,7

Akron,52,Savannah State,9

Arizona,77,Northern Arizona,13

Arkansas State,70,Missouri State,7

Each line contains a result of a college football game where the first string is the university that won the game, the second string is their score, the third string is the university that lost the game, and the forth string is their score. These four strings are separated by commas in each line.Your program needs to read the second file from the line specified by the first number after “graph”, and read up to the line specified by the second number, and populate its data into your graph, and an adjacency list needs to be created for the graph. For instance,if the command is “graph 0, 4”, then it should read from the line 0 to 4, which means that your program should read 5 lines (5 edges), and create a graph from them. If the second number is larger than the last line of the file, the program should just read until the end of the file.The university names need to be stored in alphabetical order, both for the “from” nodes in the array and also “to” nodes in each linked list. Your program needs to read edges from the second file within the specified lines to determine all university names that are used as either a “from” node or a “to” node, and create an array of linked lists with the size being the number of such universities.

end_graph it should free the memory allocated for your graph, i.e., free memory of the adjacency list

print_graph it should print the content of the graph, using the following format:Arizona State beat:

Florida State(43-14), New Mexico(58-23), Oregon(12-9)

Southern Arizona beat: none

Texas A&M beat: New Mexico(32-12)

UCLA beat: Arizona State(62-27)


It should perform Depth First Search starting with the university that comes first in alphabetical order, and prints out the pi array values, starting time array values, and finishing time array values using the following format:

The array pi content:

pi[Arizona State] = none

pi[Arkansas] = Florida State

pi[Florida State] = Arizona State

pi[Mississippi State] = none

pi[New Mexico] = Arizona State

pi[Oregon] = Arizona State

pi[Texas A&M] = Mississippi State

pi[UCLA] = Oregon

The array discoverTime content:

discoverTime[Arizona State] = number 1

discoverTime[Arkansas] = number 3

discoverTime[Florida State] = number 2

discoverTime[Mississippi State] = number 13

discoverTime[New Mexico] = number 6

discoverTime[Oregon] = number 8

discoverTime[Texas A&M] = number 14

discoverTime[UCLA] = number 9

The array finishTime content:

finishTime[Arizona State] = number 12

finishTime[Arkansas] = number 4

finishTime[Florida State] = number 5

finishTime[Mississippi State] = number 16

finishTime[New Mexico] = number 7

finishTime[Oregon] = number 11

finishTime[Texas A&M] = number 15

finishTime[UCLA] = number 10

quit the command quits the program and exit.

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