A medium-sized New Zealand contractor wishes to expand beyond its domestic market.



Assignment 1

159.738 Special topic, International Construction

 A medium-sized New Zealand contractor wishes to expand beyond its domestic market. It has 

specialised design and build expertise in immersed tube tunnel technology and has been presented 

with details of three opportunities in recent weeks. The projects, all of a similar size, located in 

countries with similar economies.The company's directors believe that they have the in-house

capability to assess the technical risks and the project's commercial risks but are unsure of in-country 

risks, threats and other opportunities. You have been asked to provide a quick overview of the 

markets over the next two days, followed by a full report in three weeks' time.

(a) Gather as much information as possible to develop an overview and comparison of the three 

markets in order to select the most appropriate market for further study

(b) Outline further information required for the full report stressing possible sources, reliability and 


(2) Rules of thumb are a useful tool. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this statement and 

give examples to explain your


Note, countries combinations are per the choices selected on the block course on Wednesday

1.Hungry, Portugal and Russia

2.Egypt, Sudan and Nigeria

3.Chili, Venezuela and Argentina

4.Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain

5.Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philipines

6.Fiji, Vanuatu and Tonga

7.Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran

8.Germany, Holland & France

9.Italy, Greece and Spain

10.Sri Lanka, Burma and Nepal

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